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… If this were Any other President [#I.S.I.L.]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,January 14th,2017

.. the beheading video would not be a problem ..

.. but with the First Weenie [Barack Obama] , it is a problem …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the intelligence report …

.. this guy is an arrogant and narcissistic bastard . He does not see the world as it really is . This dumb cluck sees it as he wants it to be …

.. and that is the problem . It could end up getting people killed , eventually …. lots of them , and here in the U.S. ….


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… and It is Now not Right to Do it [#Exec Amnesty order]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,October 4th,2015

.. this one is a dandy …

.. it shows POTUS ‘ cowardice over doing the move on illegal immigration amnesty …

.. when there was blowback from his own side [before the elections] , His Lordship chickened out …

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.. [link] to the blog post …

.. POTUS is a gutless wuss . If there is a way around a controversial issue , he will take it . He did it here …

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… the Dirty Little Secret [ShutDown Theatre] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,October 10th,2013

.. The presidency is a “bully pulpit,” said Teddy Roosevelt. “For Roosevelt, ‘bully’ was an adjective meaning ‘excellent’ or ‘first-rate’ — not the noun ‘bully’ (‘a blustering browbeating person’) that’s so common today,” the Merriam-Webster dictionary explains.
.. For Barack Obama, “bully” has the more common meaning.That means he is a skunk

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

… POTUS the skunk … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.. To make the reality of the “shutdown” comport with his apocalyptic rhetoric, President Obama is inflicting as much pain as he can on ordinary Americans.He’s ordered all national parks closed — including more than 100 privately staffed parks that make money for the government.

.. It is one thing to close a park for lack of staff, to prevent injury to visitors or damage to the property. It’s quite another to spend more money to prevent people from viewing monuments when neither the people nor the monuments are at risk.

*When Wesley Pruden of the Washington Times asked a Park Service ranger why the Park Service tried to block access to George Washington’s home — which is owned by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association, not the government — the ranger replied: “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”*Park Police physically removed patrons and staff from the privately managed Claude Moore Colonial Farm, which sits on federal land . The fact is that the non – profit group that runs the farm has not taken a dime of federal money since 1980.

*On the National Mall in Washington D.C., rangers blocked access to and shooed visitors away from the monuments and memorials.
*In South Dakota, the Park Service tried to block off highway viewing areas of Mt. Rushmore.
*In Nevada, people who own homes on federal land near Lake Mead have been denied access to them.
*In Florida, the Park Service declared 1,100 square miles of ocean off limits to fishermen.

.. It makes no sense to close profit – making businesses unaffected by the budget dispute in Washington, which is why nothing like this was ever done during the 17 previous “shutdowns” since 1977.That so many Park police are available to bully law abiding Americans suggests there are quite a few more “nonessential” employees who ought to have been furloughed.

.. POTUS has the ability to choose what is needed , and what is not . He or she can choose , with considerable latitude , what is “essential” and what is not essential . Mr. Obama’s choices are making it clear that he is acting out of spite. How sick and disgusting is that .

*The commissaries (grocery stores) on military bases have been closed . However , the golf course at Andrews Air Force Base , where Mr. Obama often plays , is open. So is the presidential retreat at Camp David.
*Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel tacitly admitted the furloughs last week of DoD civilians were for show when he announced Saturday most of the workers would be recalled.

.. The Republican-controlled House has passed eight bills so far to fund portions of the government, including all the national parks, but the Democrat-controlled Senate has refused to pass any of them. For the GOP to propose funding the government “piecemeal” is “blackmail,” CNN’s Candy Crowley said Sunday. She either does not know — or doesn’t want you to know — that prior to Barack Obama’s presidency, it was the well-established practice of Congress to fund the government in 13 different appropriations bills . Each bill deals with a different subject area , thus allowing each to be properly overseen and dealt with in an “efficient” manner . Efficiency is in the manner of the beholder , though , and Congress could be a whole lot more efficient .

.. To be honest , it ‘ s budget process is a broken mess , in drastic need of an overhaul . There should be penalties for not achieving a budget , and especially for not achieving a balanced budget . As big a mess as this setup is , Congress is looking like geniuses , in comparison to the Obama White House ..

.. With this President , never before has a president deliberately tried to hurt Americans . It is news story that the media should cover, not cover up.

.. Barack Obama is a petulant child , and worse yet , an incompetent thug.

.. He acted to make the budget sequester seem to be more painful than it really is . Doing so , he acted to cancel White House tours . Really adult move , there , POTUS . However , he continued to spend lavishly on himself . He also ordered the FAA to delay flights , until it caused a colossal mess for travellers . “Suddenly,” the FAA “found” money in its “reserve fund” to bring back the needed personnel …

.. His stormtrooper tactics backfired then. They are backfiring again now.

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