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… It is Bombs Away !! [Employees to Exchanges] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,September 18th,2013

.. The employers can do the math …

cost of administering health insurance (incl. health ins. itself)
less : ObamaCrapCare fine
financial gain from dumping employees into the
ObamaCrapCare Exchanges

.. The dummies set the fines for dumping people into the exchanges far too low . if those idiots had been thinking , they would have set the fees for the “fines” for putting employees into the exchanges at a far higher level , and then index them to inflation . Now , those dummies are reaping the fruits of the consequences , not thinking about how the market would react to ObamaCrapCare . Thus , the law of unintended consequences continues to strike .

.. You add that , onto the reductions in working hours because of ObamaCrapCare , you get what is happening now . It was eminently and easily forseeable . If only those markets understood the markets , and how that they really worked . But nooooooooo …. . Nice going , Dumb – Dumbs !!

.. Also , the ObamaCraps had publically run exchanges in mind . They would be ones run by the states themselves , or by regional entities , or by non – profits . What  they did not want and did not expect was that there would be for –  profit exchanges out there .

.. Also , Walgreens is doing this by what is  called “defined contribution.” A defined contribution (D.C.) plan basically lets the insured have their choice of insured plans , in this case within the privately – run exchange that Walgreens has chosen for them . Also , Walgreens is attempting to limit their health insurance exposure . The “fine” for non – participation is so loooow that it is worth it to them to have the employees go to the privately run exchange for their health insurance choices . The D.C. helps protect them from the increasing cost of medicine by going  to this privately – run for – profit exchange .

.. Quite clever by Walgreens . And not what the ObamaCraps had in mind …

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