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… No , Baker , It is a Victory …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,April 30th,2013

.. of good over Evil .

.. This regards an article in  a publication called the Daily Beast . This so – called gentleman , by the  name of  Baker Ansy , has called for President Obama to immediately close Gitmo , calling it  .. ” a massive human rights failure . ” . It could not be farther from the sort . ..

.. These geniuses are taking up tactics that were taught to them in their jihadi training  . No dought , they were also  advised to do this by their legal counsel . They are acting , or trying to  act , to wage a public – relations war against the administration , just as they have done against others before them  , and others in other lands .

..  They are also engaged in legal ware , or lawfare . What this does is totally mucks up the host country ‘ s legal system , while that nation is trying to hold them to account  for their actions on the battlefield . Their hope is that , eventually , the host nation will give up , and possibly let them go free . Ultimately , they are using the host ‘ s legal system as a  weapon against it .

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