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… The Continuing Controvery over ObamaCrapCare ..

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,January 26th,2014

.. and the chaos therein .

.. the implementation of ObamaCrapCare has been a colossal failure . Even with the repairs of the website , it is not complete . The middle section [the 834 reports on enrollment] is still throwing off periodic errors , giving the insurers little confidence in enrollment numbers and reports from the government . They have had to take action themselves to reconcile things in order to get an accurate idea of who is enrolled , and who is not .

.. What is worse is the back end . It is still being built . Crist , you would figure that it would have been designed and put together before launch . Not so . Since CGI has been canned by the ObamaCraps , and Accenture has been brought in , hopefully there will be prompt and swift progress in the work . CGI was waaaay over its head . Accenture is a class outfit , top – of – the – mark in the consulting business . They should have been brought in in the first place , damn dummies !

.. it does , however , take time to do the work . Since it will take months to fix the whole operation , and finish the back end , Moody ‘ s has put the entire health care sector under negative outlook financially . to be honest , they deserve it …

.. [h/t — NationalReview]

.. [link] to the video link


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… We need to Address the Fundamental Causes of the Last Recession …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,July 18th,2013

[-] foolish policies

repeal Dodd – Frank – it has had the unintended backwards effect , and has centralized banking in the money center banks . Our banking sector needs to shrink in size , and in number , but not by stupidity . The small fry and the mid – size banks help keep the big boys on their toes …

modify Sarbanes – Oxley – A smaller form of Sarbanes – Oxley should still be around , but only for the mid – sized and larger businesses . Not for small business . Same effect on business , as it has on banking … Small business keeps America humming ,  and is our economy ‘ s chief job engine .

balance the federal budget – not just the way it is now . Take  out Socialist Security from the equation . Then , balance it . It will then give us a truer and more accurate picture of our national finances .

reform Socialist Security , Medicare , and Medicaid — it has to be done . No forward progress can be made as a society until it is done , and done right . It should be done in a bipartisan manner , because neither party will (in all likelihood) have enough power and control to jam thru its own ideas .

reintroduce inflation into the system — the financial sector can handle it . It just needs to be kept in check , and at a low level , and not at an artificialy low level

encourage one or two large accounting firms — try not to harass them to death . Accenture PLC would be ideal , along with Grant Thornton , and BDO Seidman . There could be others . The accounting firm mergers were NOT a mistake . Crushing Arthur Anderson however , was a big blunder , because it left only 4 large accounting firms . dummies ! Accenture was originally the consulting arm of Arthur Andersen , and it would be poetic justice for it to return to the field .

encourage the laws of supply and demand — using artifically low interest rates is a fools errand . It will only work for so long .

encourage investment , not penalize it — it may take another severe recession to get it thru  the ObamaCraps ‘ thick skulls . You cannot create jobs out of thin air . It takes investment capital , and encouragement of the same for folks to want to create it . Not a magican ‘ s wand , or a  politician ‘ s speech .

exchange trading of  mortgage backed securities — MBS will work . You just need to bring back private investment into the sector , and trade the securities on an exchange , preferrable more than one . the competition cannot hurt , and usually helps drive the market .

The White House and Congress have done little to fix what caused the Great Recession: a growing trade deficit with China that saps demand for U.S. goods and destroys jobs; dysfunctional federal policies that invest in bogus alternative energy schemes and limit drilling for oil offshore; burdensome business regulations that raise the cost of new projects; and bank reforms that enrich the Wall Street Banks, while starving America’s biggest jobs creators — small businesses — of credit.

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