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… Nice Going , Jay [Carney , at the Mike] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,November 6th,2013

.. Jay Carney really made an ass of himself today at the podium at the White House daily Press Briefing . Not only that , but he

English: Jay Carney, American journalist

… Jay Carney, White House Propaganda Minister … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

probably made himself quite a few enemies in the White House Press Corpse ..

.. you have to see it to believe it [link]

.. Amazing . Jon Karl is a media veteran , and is no political partisan . He is a veteran of C.N.N. , before going on to ABC . Going after Karl in a fashion such as this is going to backfire , and backfire badly on JayBoy Carney …


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… the LameStreamMedia and Its Role in the George Zimmerman Case

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,July 15th,2013

the LameStreamMedia and Its Role in the George Zimmerman Case

.. The media’s role in the Zimmerman case must not go unexamined. The fact is, the  Sanford Police Department, which became the media and race hustlers’ target  during this saga, got things right . They took Zimmerman in after the shooting,  interviewed him, examined the evidence from his wounds to the full 911 call, and  concluded that he had shot Martin in self-defense .

.. The “Police department gets things right” script seldom makes for a sexy media narrative, just as “Hispanic neighborhood watchman shoots black teen behaving suspiciously in self-defense” does not advance any media narrative. So the media and the race hustlers fabricated a narrative based on falsified evidence .

.. NBC’s deceptive edit of the 911 call turned the evidence on its head and created a racial narrative that the facts do not support and never did. That edit, which despite NBC’s claims could not have been accidental, was malicious. It was also, in retrospect at least, racist . ABC News was not a whole heck of a lot better . NBC should bring its checkbook to settlement negotiations with Zimmerman and his lawyers in his defamtion lawsuit . At least , George Zimmerman will end up with a fair bit of $$ to begin in the rebuilding of his life and his future .

.. The media almost never reports black-on-black crime or black-on-white  crime in America. It reserves most of its crime stories to celebrity killings,  attractive women or children who have gone missing, and incidents that advance  political narratives like the murders of James Byrd and Matthew Shepard. The Zimmerman case became political because the media, led by NBC News and ABC News,  fabricated evidence in order to make it political. A Hispanic man killing a  young black man in self-defense is far less interesting and politically useful  than an older white man shooting an innocent black boy in cold blood and then  claiming self-defense. The media recognized that it could use the Martin  shooting to advance narratives of racism while also attacking the Second  Amendment and “stand your ground” laws.

.. So the media engaged in racism en masse , turned Zimmerman white, and faked the evidence to make him a murderer. The media’s racism has put Zimmerman on trial and America on edge as the case nears the verdict phase. Threats of race riots hang not just over central Florida, but the entire country, if the jury acquits Zimmerman. We would not be here if media from NBC to ABC to the New York Times had not deliberately turned the shooting into a racial incident.

.. Zimmerman filed a lawsuit against NBC in December 2012. That case should go forward once he is acquitted in the criminal trial. Hopefully his lawsuit  against NBC will expose the media for its irresponsible and devious political  practices and its racism. George Zimmerman should end up a very wealthy man, if  any “justice” is to finally be done in this case.

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… Leave her Alone …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,October 11th,2012


MARTHA RADDATZ (Photo credit: RubyGoes)

… I am referring to Martha Raddatz . …

… Hey , she likely is a liberal . I know that . But her marriage to Julius Genachowski was 21 years ago , and she divorced the slug in 1997. Give her a break …

… At least she is not Candy Crowley …

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