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.. Oh , Yeah [on the Beginning of Life] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,March 5th,2014

.. it seems that Planned Murderhood leader Cecile Richards had a colossal brain cramp .

.. it seems that she was appearing on a loonie leftie talk show . She was asked a question about the meaning of life . Well , she blew it , big time !

.. someone should remind Ms. Cecile that Life begins at Conception …

.. [h/t — RealClearPolitics]..
.. [link] to the interview footage …


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… A Law Professor Rips POTUS …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,March 4th,2014

.. that is Professor Jonathan Turley of Georgetown .

.. Jon Turley is a liberal . However , he is a liberal in a classic sense . Also , he is most definitely (normally) a supporter of Barack Obama . So , why his testimony ?

.. It is because he is worried about the moral and legal precedents that POTUS is setting . The unilateral changes to ObamaCrapCare , for example , are actions that a President should have submitted to Congress . Obama did none of those things . He made those changes by himself , by executive fiat …

.. so , Professor Turley gave POTUS a justified butt – ripping in front of the House Judiciary Subcommittee . He also presented them with a stark choice . You have to take action to stop POTUS from siphoning your power away …

.. [h/t RealClearPolitics]..
.. [link] to the Professor ‘ s statement to Congress ..

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… Liar , Liar , Pants on Fire … [ObamaCrapCare claims] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,March 4th,2014

.. well , His Lordship is at it again .

.. he keeps making the same stupid , immoral , and wrong claims about ObamaCrapCare . Especially about enrollments . Glenn Kessler [the Washington Post political fact checker] nailed the ObamaCraps on the continuing fraud of the claims …

.. [h/t — theWashingtonPost]..
.. [link] to the blogpost ..

.. see what I mean …. this is ridiculous , more than that , it is grossly outrageous …

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… Watch Uncle Joe (Biden) get taken apart …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,March 2nd,2014

.. the DemoCraps have been continuing their offensive against Voter ID . If they could challenge it in court , they would . Where they can , they have been doing so . But VPOTUS ‘ accusations are beyond the pale .

.. Mark Levin is a master wordsmith . He specialized in taking apart the arguements of arrogant and foolish liberals who are dumb enough to have their arguements get caught in his web . He is fantastic at it …

.. have a listen to a segment of his radio show . He does a masterstroke in taking apart the left ‘ s arguments (or attempts thereof) on Voter ID ….

.. [h/t — theRightScoop]..
.. [link] to the show footage ..

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… What is POTUS doing ??

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,March 1st,2014

.. making a weak and mealy mouthed statement in front of the country ; then …

.. making an ass of himself in front of a DemoCrap party gathereing (apparantely a fundraiser) …

.. [h/t — theGatewayPundit]..
.. [link] to the fundraiser footage …

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… I believe that Governor Brewer is Wrong …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,March 1st,2014

.. Governor Jan Brewer has vetoed Arizona  Senate Bill 1062 . It was an update to their state ‘ s Religious  Freedom Restoration Act . She has made a serious mistake …

.. SB 1062 was a common – sense response to the actions of activist judges and the acts of other activist federal district court judges in imposing gay rights over the religious rights of others …

.. What it did would close a loophole in a law (the Arizona Religious Freedom Restoration Act) , where it would not allow activist judges to write their policy preferences into law . It would allow those with normal and legitimate religious freedom objections to preserve those rights in the face of immoral acts of others with which they disagree …

.. Jan Brewer , you made a mistake . The gay – rights crowd intimidated you into subservience . You did not show any moral strength in this debate . Arizona deserves better …

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… Remember Uncle ” Hot Mike ” [Michelle Obama] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,February 25th,2014

.. did not anyone tell Michelle Obama that she was going to be on the newly revised Tonight Show , starring Jimmy Fallon ?? ..

.. obviously not , because now the reaction is coming , and it is not pretty . She should remember some old maxims (and some  new ones) …

… [-] Connect Mouth  to Brain , before putting Mouth into Gear , or putting Finger to Send Button … , and

… [-] Remember when that you are in public , any microphone is live [ ” hot ” ] , and

…  [-] in the Internet age , any boo – boo is going to go viral , and fast . It does not take a rocket scientist to upload video footage to a web page or a facebook page …

.. [h/t — theWeeklyStandard]..

.. [link] to the show footage …

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… What a Narcissistic Idiot ! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,February 19th,2014

.. Christ !

.. sorry to Jesus , but Good God ! …

.. POTUS is such a narcissist . How could anyone be so arrogant and stupid at the same time ? In this case , Obama evidentily is both …

.. With the N.B.A. All – Star Game , Obama had a suck – up session with Charles Barkely . At one time , Sir Charles was a Republican . Someone obviously got to him , because he is now an ObamaCrap synchophant .
Geez , what a butt schmoocha thon …

.. POTUS seems to think that , in 5 years , people will not want the A.C.A. to be called ObamaCrapCare , due to not wanting him to get the credit .Well , this November , after the DummyCraps get their butts kicked and their clocks cleaned out (thoroughly , I might add) , people will still call ObamaCrapCare ObamaCrapCare , but for a very different reason …

.. In the future , when the DummyCraps are stupid enough to propose something even minor , it will get slapped with the ” ObamaCrapCare ” moniker . Oh boy , and how …. It will become an insult , for Republicans and DemoCraps alike …

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… A Job Well Done [Non Union Auto Workers] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,February 18th,2014

.. these folks work for Wolkwagen , down yonder in Tennessee .

.. this operation is non – union . Tennessee is a right – to – work state . There are now 25 right – to – work states , including now states in the Midwest (Michigan and Indiana) and the Northeast (New Hampshire) . That has to drive Big Labour crazy .

.. The U.A.W. really worked hard on this one . They really wanted the victory , to finally organize one of these non – union auto operations . In this situation , an added push was put in by IG Metall (Germany) , the union that Volks has to deal with back home . Metall is a labour federation , but it is also a labour union (in autos) . They wanted this one , too .

.. Metall did not like Volkswagen having a non – union operation anywhere , but , especially in the United States . So , I.G. Metall put pressure on Volks , and Volks (which was a big no – no under U.S. labour law) put pressure on and tried to bribe the workers . They wanted the workers to have what is known in Germany as a ” works council , ” so that the workers would have a say in how the business is run . In the U.S. in a non – union operation , that is a no – go . The only way to have a works council is for the operation to unionize . Which has not happened at any non – union operation in the South , or in a right – to – work state .

.. it was not a blowout by any means . It was about 725 votes to about 620 votes , but it was decisive . Especially so , considering the impermissable pressure coming from IG Metall and Volkswagen . Someone should remind them the next time about U.S. labour law , and what is allowed , and what is not . IG Metall ‘ s pressure is kosher . The company ‘ s [Volkswagen ‘ s] is not kosher .

.. [h/t–theRightScoop]..

.. [link]..

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… Playing Around with People ‘ s Health Care is …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,February 18th,2014

.. dangerous .

.. You had better know what you are doing . Getting involved with people ‘ s health insurance is dealing with something that is extremely private , intensely private , incredibly intimate . Do not trifle with it , or pay the price if you screw it up .

.. It is clear that the DummyCraps have screwed up colossaly on ObamaCrapCare . They have fundamentally transformered people ‘ s relationship with their own doctor . They have created an overpriced , unneccessary monstrosity in the necessary benefits package , needlessly jacking up people ‘ s health insurance rates , and forcing many millions needlessly onto Medicaid , where none need to be . This has put many millions of people needlessly at risk , and in a position whre they should not be , worrying about their next doctor appontment , something that they never though that they would not have to think about . Many others have been forced away from their primary care doctors , having to establish new relationships , with people and facilities that they may not be confortable with . The DemoCraps will pay a very high political price for this …

.. [h/t — AmericanGlob]..
.. [link] to Dr. Krauthammer ‘ s commentary .

.. I do agree with him . The Dems will pay and pay dearly for what they have done , and will do so in the future for new policy proposals . ObamaCrapCare will cast a stain about them , one that will take many years and new people to shake …

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… Excellent Idea , George ! [Will] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,February 18th,2014

.. for those of you ObamaCrap supporters and voters out there …

.. if you had it to do over again , would you vote for His Lordship [Obama] again ? in 2008 ? in 2012 ? …

.. [h/t — RealClearPolitics]..
.. [link] to George Will ‘ s comments ..

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… Disgusting [His Lordship & Queen Michelle] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,February 17th,2014

.. they have a photo that you all have to see .

.. it is sick . It is a pre – state dinner photo of their dogs , wearing expensive jewelry … you have to see it to believe it …

first dogs (pre - state dinner)(jewelry)

.. the first dogs , Bo and Sunny …. no ,don’t ask me who is who … the picture  is sick …

.. [h/t — theGatewayPundit]..
.. [link] to the post..

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… ObamaCrapCare gets a Roasting …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,February 13th,2014

.. and , of all things , it gets it … on CBS News .

.. Yes , CBS News , of all people .

.. people are coming to learn what these new health exchange based networks are like , and I guarantee you , these people do not like them one bit . There is mass confusion . The networks are micromanaged , with very excellent hospitals (ones that should be included) are excluded from the new networks . What a mess …

.. [h/t — RealClearPolitics]..
.. [link] to the CBS news piece . It is worth watching , especially for the impact on the young child and her mother , and the crap that they have had to put up with …

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… Yes , People Can Lie like That [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,February 12th,2014

.. Which takes us back to JayBoy Carney , who stands before the White House Press Corpse , day after day , and lies , blatantly , unashamedly , arrogantly , corruptly , and stupidly . Of course, much of the press is complicit in his lies , failing by omission to call public attention to them . They are also often by commission in uncritically repeating them , even supporting them , and praising them. People like Carney always eventually pay for the evil they do .

.. Unfortunately, these idiots , like POTUS , usually do a very great deal of damage before that inevitable payment . May God in heaven help us all …

.. In the meantime , I hope and pray that the 2014 election (and , in time , the 2016 election) will demonstrate , convincingly , that the American people are not nearly as ill-informed and stupid as the Obamites so obviously believe . Hopefully they will demonstrate what they think of liars as well .

.. [h/t — StatelyMcDanielManor]..

.. [link] .. to the post ..

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… Touchy , Aren’t You [Cover Oregon] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,February 11th,2014

.. paging Dr. Kitzhaber , paging Dr. Kitzhaber .

.. John Kitzhaber is not going to have a fun or easy year . He is on the ballot for re – election , which is something he has experience with . Kitz ran for and won 2 terms before leaving office , due to term limits . Now , he is back , and is going to be on the ballot again . But , it will be far more difficult .

.. Oregon is an off – year Governor ‘ s state , so Kitz does not have the benefit of the turnout machine of POTUS to help him . Also , he does not have Ron Wyden on the ballot , either . Wyden is a far better politician , and also served in the U.S. House , as well as the Oregon Senate . He is no dummy , and has the connections with the eco-socialists and the unions that Jeff Merkely [who is on the ballot with Kitz] lacks . So , Kitzhaber has a big problem .

.. Well , he has an even bigger problem : Cover Oregon . Oregon chose to operate a state – level exchange , a choice that may or may not have been wise . The federal exchange is having enough problems , but it is doing dandy , in comparison to Cover Oregon , which is an abject disaster . C.O. is all the responsibility of Governor John Kitzhaber …

.. Which explains this blunder from this past week . Kitzhaber was having a press availability , with the local media  in that particular area present . Well , the articles from KATU – TV [ABC] and other media have been getting a lot more press in Oregon these days . C.O. is a disaster , with the waste of over $300 million in taxpayer dollars …

.. People are asking questions , and Dr. Kitz is getting touchy …

.. [h/t —] ..

.. [link] .. to the press conference clip …

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… Paging Doctor Kitzhaber … [Cover Oregon] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,February 9th,2014

.. just what did he know ?? …

.. [h/t —]..

.. [link] to the news report …

»Play VideoGov. John Kitzhaber is interviewed by KATU’s Hillary Lake in early January.

Related Content
‘We look like fools:’ A history of Cover Oregon’s failure

PORTLAND, Ore. – In a brief interview with KATU in early January, Gov. John Kitzhaber made an incredible claim about the failed launch of Cover Oregon’s website.

“In late October was when I first learned about the problems,” Kitzhaber said.

The claim was incredible because the website had already missed its Oct. 1 launch date. Kitzhaber was, in effect, saying he didn’t know there were problems until weeks after one of the most important projects under his watch had already failed.

It was incredible because mountains of reports from the state’s quality-assurance contractor had been raising glaring red flags for almost two years.

It was incredible because the state had implemented a stringent set of checks and balances for the specific purpose of making sure the project didn’t spiral without people in power knowing.

And it was incredible because the KATU Investigators have unearthed emails and conducted interviews laying out repeated attempts by lawmakers and others involved with the project to get Kitzhaber’s help in righting what was clearly a sinking ship.

KATU’s review of thousands of pages of emails and reports, as well as interviews with many of the key people involved, suggest that either Kitzhaber knew more than he has acknowledged, or that he and his staff somehow remained oblivious to the unfolding disaster despite numerous attempts to bring it to their attention.

“The governor’s office was not doing anything,” said state Rep. Dennis Richardson, R-Central Point. “He’s got advisors in his office who are over health policy. None of them were doing any oversight that we can see.”

‘They promised … the governor’s office would be very involved’

Let’s start with a quick history lesson.

Cover Oregon began life as perhaps the most ambitious state health exchange in the nation. Its website would include not just access to health-insurance plans, but to all state entitlements: things like food stamps, WIC and Medicaid would all be available through one portal.

The strategy was called “No Wrong Door.”

The federal government liked the idea so much it, offered the state a $48 million “early innovator” grant to fund the project. That amount later ballooned to $59 million.

Not everybody was sold though. With an already tight deadline for building a complicated website, some thought the proposal crossed the line from ambitious to foolhardy.

Richardson, who has announced he will run against Kitzhaber in the fall, was one of those early skeptics. As co-chair of the powerful House Ways & Means Committee in February 2011, he at first blocked the federal grant. He relented only when an agreement was reached to ensure regular independent quality-assurance reports from a company called Maximus and strict oversight of the project.

Richardson sat down for an exclusive interview with KATU in which he revealed new information about Kitzhaber’s oversight of Cover Oregon.

“They were just diving in,” Richardson told KATU. “It was like trying to paint a car that’s already moving instead of making sure that everything’s done before you start moving ahead.”

>>Click here to watch Hillary Lake’s full interview with Richardson

From the outset, project oversight was designed to be headed by the governor’s office.

The KATU Investigators obtained an organizational chart illustrating the oversight structure. At the top is the governor’s office, to which several different groups report.

There’s the Department of Administrative Services, a government watchdog group that makes sure rules are followed and budgets met.

There’s the Cover Oregon board of directors, the members of which Kitzhaber appointed.

And there’s a joint oversight committee made up of Cover Oregon managers and the Oregon Health Authority – which was led by Bruce Goldberg, the man who has since became director of Cover Oregon.

… LEC here again … Huge , huge oops !! This one is going to continue to snowball … More to come …

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… Freedom is a ” Buzzword ” ?? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,February 8th,2014

.. what must be JayBoy Carney thinking when he spouts off something like this ?

.. [h/t — WashingtonFreeBeacon ] ..

.. [link] to the video clip ..

Freedom’s just a buzzword to these #progressive patriots. Just ask Jay Carney:

“ Anything that an added choice that they have allows them more freedom, to use a certain buzzword …”

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… Insurance is One Thing [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,February 8th,2014

.. and access is something else .

.. the insurance exchanges are non – profit state agencies . In this case , Covered California is a state – level one . Three quarters of the states are on the federal dole . Those dummies could not give a fig about any kind of control over their costs . With the  states , it is an entirely different matter ..

.. Covered California is a state – exchange . This entity was created by the state legislature , and signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown . In their case , they have to act like a business . The big problem is : How to Control Costs . Doing it in practice is not quite so simple .

.. Putting the hammer on primary care is one thing . The practice of primary care medicine is evolving , and fairly rapidly . Medical practices are consolidating , and are , to be honest , becoming far more corporate . Specialists are doing likewise .

.. The problem is , still — How to Control Costs ???

.. These dummies are not using the market to do it . The market would do it , and do it nicely , by incentivising consumers to the costs and benefits of their medical choices and the maintenance and changes in their health status . The ObamaCraps are contributing to it by hamstringing Health Savings Accounts [H.S.A.s]] . They are not eliminated , but they are heavily regulated , and are effectively blocked from helping with the consumer  ‘ s choices  .

.. Another blunder is the design of the system . HSAs would be ideal for this . Especially when you can build up savings over time , or deposit more of your own money , in addition to your employer ‘ s coin . When you do that , you would have much more saved , and can be much more picky about what and who to buy from , as well as why .

.. As a result , the state exchange [Covered California] is resorting to restricting access . What this is , means rationing . The primary care physicans act in a way similar as they would in an H.M.O. , as a gatekeeper . A patient would need a referral to see a specialist . Unfortunately , even the number of primary care docs is limited .

.. Insurance is one thing — Access is Another …

.. [h/t —] ..

.. [link] to the piece ..

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… the Idiots are At It Again in Oregon [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,February 8th,2014

.. believe it or not , it is getting worse .

.. when we last left them , the website from hell , CoverOregon , was a disaster . The state government in Salem had managed to piss away around a quarter of a billion [yes , $250 million] dollars in taxpayer funds on the entire enterprise . The federal website [] is bad enough , folks . This state – level one is even worse than that , if it is possible .

.. Yes , it is possible . Governor John Kitzhaber (himself a doctor) has led the effort to piss all of that money down the rat hole . Now , Kitz & Company (along with Jeff Merkely , the state ‘ s junior US Senator) are up for election this fall . The fallout from this is going to be devastating . And it keeps getting worse ….

.. somehow , these jokers managed to piss away another [yes , ANOTHER] $100 million in fed funds on the enterprise . Remember , CoverOregon is a state -level exchange . The state of Oregon is responsible for it all . And , you will love this next fact …

.. Number of people enrolled by the website — 0 [zero , the big Zippo] ..

.. these dummies managed to create dummy websites to fool the federales in order to keep the $$$ flowing ,especially the early $$ (before the main $$ stash arrived) …

.. [h/t — hotair] also [h/t —] — KATU –  TV , Salem , Oregon .

.. [link] to the news report .. it is a bit long (at about 10 minutes) , but it is well worth it .

.. the DemoCraps in Salem [Oregon ‘ s state capitol] have to be swearing at KATU – TV over this . The investigative reporting on this stuff is fantastic as well as damning . The DummyCraps who control Oregon ‘ s legislature are going to have to investigate this with a fine – tooth comb . Either they do , or a new GOP majority will do so .

.. The state Dem party is going to hate that , but tough . The ads that interest groups , the stateGOP , and the campaigns (especially Dr. Monica Wehby ‘ US Senate campaign against Merkely) are going to be thick  as fleas , and they are going to be hot as tamales . The DemoRats are going to pay a severe price for this nationwide enough as it is , but this corruption raises what is going on here in Oregon to a whole new level .

.. It is going to be throw  – out – the – bums time this fall in Salem and in Oregon . The only questions are how many , at what level  , and where .

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… I am Not Surprised By This [ObamaCrapCare problems] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,February 7th,2014

.. this one is a security breach of someone ‘ s personal data .

.. [h/t — CapitolCityProject] ..

.. [link] to the video clip ..

.. the guy who runs this site used to be a reporter for Brent Bozell at CNSnews . He is usually pretty good and realiable , but , from what I understand , this blog is new . I think that it is one worth following …

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… Subpoena Her [IRS investigor] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,February 7th,2014

.. yea , you heard me ..

.. and do so in a loud and grotesque miliary manner .

.. also , make sure that those idiots at the Department of InJustice understand that she will face contempt proceedings if she fails to comply . Ditto if she fails to produce documents that the House Oversight and Government Reform Cmte needs . They have a legitimate need for them , and oversight of the Department of InJustice is a legit purpose .

.. It is time to saddle up and belly up to the bar , folks . Time to be ready for war …

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… Cover Oregon is a Disgrace …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,February 6th,2014

.. and it is going to cause all sorts of trouble in the [ ] State .

.. [h/t — theWeeklyStandard] ..

.. [link] to the KATU news report …

.. Oregon is , of course , light Blue . Both U.S. Senators are DemoCraps , 4 of the 5 Congresscritters are Dems , John Kitzhaber [himself a Dr] is a DemGovernor , and the legislature is controlled by the Dems . Things are far from hopeless for the GOP , however .

.. John Kitzhaber (the Dem Gov) is on the ballot and is running for re – election . He faces very fierce opposition , becuase four years ago , he was elected with barely 50% of the vote against a little known GOPer [retired NBA star Chris Dudley] . Not sure if Duds is back , but the Cover Oregon debacle has Kitz on the hot seat , with the heat turned up to White Hot . Which is as hot as it gets . My guess is that this colossal mess will make Kitz a sure loser in November …

.. Kitz going down will drag other Dems with him . Not the congressccritters , though . Only 2 of the other 4 House Dem races are competitive . The Oregon legistlature is another matter . So is Jeff Merkely . Ron Wyden is a wily leg vet , but he is thankful that he is not on the ballot . However , Merkely is , and he is a freshman up for his first re – election . Without His Lordship [POTUS] protecting his back , I believe Merkely will come into big trouble come summertime , espc as it becomes known that Kitz is going down . Then , the legislature ..

.. The legislature is competitive , much more so than most people realize . The numbers are : State House , 26 R , 34 D ;  State Senate , 14 R , 16 D . So , one chamber , the other , or both could flip with a big enough wave . The possibility is that the Oregon Senate will flip . The Oregon House is another matter . His Lordship is not on the ballot , and Kitzhaber is , which will make for a very interesting couple of days after election day .

— note — Oregon conducts its elections entirely by mail . So the news of who wins and who controls may not be known until a couple of days after Election Day ..

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… What An Idiot [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,February 5th,2014

.. the C.B.O. brought out a bombshell new report the other day .

.. it is one that they were required to produce , and you can guess that the ObamaCraps were not happy with it . The results of the report stated that up to 2.5 million FEWER workers over the next 10 years will be in the workforce , as a result of ObamaCrapCare . Nice going , dummies .

.. usually , either JayBoy Carney , the Press Secretary , or Josh Earnest , the Deputy , do the briefing . On this day , considering the subject was economics , the ObamaCraps changed the briefer . Boy , did they pay for their mistake . Their designated briefer was Jason Furman , from POTUS ‘ Council of Ecnomic Advisers . Whoops !

.. Alexis Simendinger is no soft touch . She is a veteran reporter , being the White House correspondent for (then) the National Journal , and (now) RealClearPolitics . She is among the best , and when you fail to answer a question , you should not give her an opening . When you do , you are going to pay a severe price for your mistake …

.. [h/t — RealClearPolitics]

.. [link] to the video clip …

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… Watch POTUS get ” Fried ” [ObamaCrapCare joke] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,February 4th,2014

.. what happened to the fry cook , Darnell Summers , is no laughing matter .

.. the costs of ObamaCrapCare are going waaay up . The stupidity of the Essential Benefits package and the rigidity and bureaucracy of the system that has been created is a big part of the reason why . Also , the rules adopted by H.H.S. as regards to ” full time ” employees are giving employers a very good excuse to cut both  employment numbers and employment hours fairly rigorously  . They would be stupid to do otherwise …

.. The full time equivalent numbers give businesses an excellent reason to cut back to only what they need . If they can get below the ObamaCrapCare minimums , they will try . When and where possible , they will try to reduce hours per week per employee to reduce on benefit and health insurance costs , however possible ..

.. if you want to watch the confrontation ,  watch [here] .. Summers puts you-know-who on the spot , but good …

.. [h/t — NationalReview]

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… More on Bill O ‘ Reilly vs . His Lordship [POTUS] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,February 3rd,2014

.. as it turns out , yea , there is more .

.. for those who did not get stuff from the previous post , I will post the segments from both parts of the interview [the live part during the Super Bowl pregame show , and the taped part that was done almost immediately after the live segment ..

.. [h/t — Bill O ‘ Reilly . com] ..

.. [link1] to the Super Bowl interview segment ..

.. [link2] to the taped segment ..

.. both are about 10 minutes in length …

.. here is an intro to the transcript for  the taped interview (only part) .. [link] here ..


One of my, uh, points on the Factor is that poverty is driven by the dissolution of the American family, that is the prime mover, okay.  On your watch, median income has dropped seventeen percent among working families in this country.  That’s not a good record, it’s not all your fault, part of it was this terrible recession, we all know that.  Everybody knows that.




All right.  But seventy two percent of babies in African American community are born out of wedlock.




Why isn’t there a campaign by you and the First Lady to address that problem very explicitly?


Actually, Bill, we address it explicitly all the time.  I-I’ll send you at least ten speeches I’ve made since I’ve been President talking about the importance of men taking responsibility for their children.  Talking about the importance of, uh, young people, uh, delaying gratification.   Talking about the importance of, uh, when it comes to child rearing, paying child support, spending time with your kids, reading with them.  So, whether it’s getting publicity or not is a whole different question.




This is something that we focus on all the time.


Would you say it’s been a hallmark of your administration to make that issue, because I don’t believe it has.  I know you’ve given the speeches, and I know you know—understand the problem, because you’re a community organizer from Chicago.




All right?  But I don’t see the pressure from the Federal government to go in and say, this is wrong, this is—this is killing, um, futures of babies and children.


Well first of all, I’ve just got to say, Bill, we talk about it all the time, we’ll continue to talk about it, we’re convening, for example, philanthropists and business people, city by city, who are interested in addressing these kinds of problems at the local level.   There is an economic component to it as well, though.




Because—because what’s interesting, when you look at what’s going on right now, you’re starting to see in a lot of white working class homes, similar problems—when men can’t find good work, when the economy is shutting ladders of opportunity off from people, whether they’re black, white, Hispanic, it doesn’t matter.   Then that puts pressure as well on the home.  So you’ve got an interaction between the economy that isn’t generating enough good jobs for folks who traditionally could get blue-collar jobs even if they didn’t have a higher education, and some legitimate social concerns, uh.   That compound the problem and so we want to hit both.  We want to make sure that we’re putting folks back to work and making sure that they’re well-paid—


[OVERLAP] But this is—


[OVERLAP] We also want to make sure that we’re dealing with some of the social issues that you’re addressing.


The secret to getting a je—good job is education.  And in these chaotic families, the children aren’t well-educated because it isn’t—it isn’t, um, encouraged at home as much as it is in other precincts.  Now, school vouchers is a way to level the playing field.  Why do you oppose school vouchers when it would give poor people a chance to go to better schools?

.. LEC here again — for POTUS , the pregame (live) interview was an abject disaster . He looked and sounded like a narcisisst and a petulant child . The taped interview was somewhat better , but not by much . He was much looser , but still petulant and pissy …

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… O ‘ Reilly vs His Lordship [Super Bowl Sunday interview] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,February 3rd,2014

.. now I have it ..

.. A big thank you for FoxNews for releasing it for ‘Net comsumption . Also , a big thank you to RealClearPolitics for getting the whole thing …

.. for those who are sadistic enough , and want to watch His Lordship (my term for POTUS) look like a colossal idiot , watch [here] …

.. [h/t RealClearPolitics , FoxNews]

Why didn’t you fire Sebelius?” O’Reilly said.

He avoided a direct answer, but Obama said that people were being “held accountable.” O’Reilly subsequently questioned Obama on whether his promise that, “If you like your plan, you can keep it” was his biggest “mistake” as president. Obama used a football analogy at the end of this line of questioning, saying he was trying to not dwell on the “fumbles” and move on to the next play.

O’Reilly also asked Obama if he was told in the initial aftermath of the 2012 attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, that it had been a “terrorist attack.”

“When someone is attacking our compound, that’s an act of terror,” Obama said, adding that he had used that phrase in a Rose Garden statement the day after the attack.

“Your detractors believe that you did not tell the world it was a terror attack because your campaign didn’t want that out,” O’Reilly said. “That’s what they believe.”

“And they believe it because folks like you are telling them that,” Obama shot back.

After some intense questioning about last year’s revelation that the IRS targeted certain groups, including conservative groups, for extra scrutiny, Obama took another jab at Fox News.

“These kinds of things keep on surfacing in part because you and your TV station will promote them,” he said.

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… It Tells You A lot about Them [Congressional Black Caucus] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,February 2nd,2014

.. when the leaders and members of the Congressional Black Caucus are pulling stunts like this at the ObamaCrap White House …

.. [h/t — Shark Tank] ..

.. [link] to the article …CBC oc White House

Leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) will be going after President Obama because they believe that he has not done enough for minorities with regards to his judicial nominations. They claim that many of the president’s nominees promote policies that are racist.

The CBC lawmakers also assert that Obama has not made a significant effort to promote black judicial leadership on Capital Hill. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) said there is an “appalling lack of African American representation” among Obama’s nominees.

According to the White House, 18 percent of Obama’s confirmed judges have been African American — this figure is relatively high compared to past presidents. 8 percent of George W. Bush’s confirmed judges were African American; Clinton’s rate was 16 percent.

But the CBC is not satisfied.

The Hill reported, “The president’s relationship with black lawmakers on Capitol Hill is more complicated that it sometimes appears. While the CBC’s underlying support for Obama has been unwavering, many have also expressed disappointment that he hasn’t fought harder for the liberal policy priorities that propelled him twice into the White House.”

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… Nice Going , Dumbbells [OCC] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,January 30th,2014

.. [h/t — HotAir]

.. [link] to the video clip / news story ..

.. this one relates to a news story out of the Nashville metro area . Vanderbilt University hospitals complex is HUGE down there … it is a major part of the health economy down there in the region . Why are they not a part of the network ?

.. $$ , What else .

.. these networks are tiny , with little choice of providers or specialists . And you think that people are going to put up with this for very long ? Nooooooo ! … The political pressure on this is going to build all year long , and it is the DummyCraps who are going to feel the heat … Big Time !! …

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… a Real Dumb Move …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,January 29th,2014

.. yea , the MahaRushie is right . He almost always is on the mark .

.. [h/t — theDailyRushbo]

.. [link] to the audio clip ..

.. His Lordship and his fellow ObamaCraps plan on running against him . So What else is New ?

.. so , what is the update of the old saying , ” Do Not go to War with Someone who buys Ink by the Barrel … ” , may I try …

.. ” Do Not Try to Piss on Someone who can Piss Back with Gusto ! ”

.. ” Do Not Try to Go to War with Someone who buys Electronic Ink by the Oceanful … “

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