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… ObamaCraps strike again …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,January 21st,2014

.. its OCC raisin ‘ hell …

.. [h/t — theGatewayPundit]

.. [link] to the video clip .

.. this one is a sad story of a cancer patient who has lost their cancer treatment due to ObmaCrapCare . This Person is not even sure whther they can keep their oncologist , much less get additional chemotherapy and radiation treatments …

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… Indeed , How Will We Know [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,January 21st,2014

.. to put in security for a computer program or a website , you cannot just improvise it . It needs to be done from the beginning . It is not a ” patch ” , a wingit , or an improvisation , it is a state of mind ..

.. god in heaven help the government if there is a security breach . They want to attract people to use it . They do not want to have more problems and stupidity to discourage people , especially the young millenials , from using it . Right now , they are doing a good job of the later .

.. if there is a major security breach , the chances of ObamaCrapCare ‘ s survival go from slim to nearly no hope at all . This thing involves their most personal of info : their finances and their health care … screw around with that and you are a dead man walking …

.. [h/t — NationalReview]

.. [link] to the video link of Dr. Krauthammer ‘ s commentary (clip) … I agree with him most of the time [like 98%] , but given that OCC is in effect , it should be given a full chance to ” hang itself … “

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… How Can We Know ?? [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,January 20th,2014

.. if the website really is improving ?

.. if the enrollment figures that we are getting are accurate ? I would tend to wonder . Given all of the political incompetence and malpractice …

.. how many of those folks are repeaters , who already have Medicaid , and are re – enrolling ? How many of them are folks who have health insurance policies that were canceled that were forced into the exchanges ?

.. [h/t — Washington Free Beacon]

.. [link] to the video clip ..

.. how really safe is our medical and financial information . These folks are ” white hats , ” whose business it is to find vulnerabilities in the system . They know their business , and know that proper security is not just design and implementation , but a state of mind . If you do not have it , you have a big problem …

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… What Idiot Commissioned that Commercial in Ca ?? … [ObamaCrapCare]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,January 20th,2014

.. yes , that Richard Simmons one ..

.. how sick was that ..

.. Richard Simmons is a really decent guy . That is only part of what it makes it gross . The really gross and obscene thing is that it was part of an infomerical for ObamaCrapCare in California .

.. Covered California (the state – level exchange) paid millions , no doubt for this stinker of a piece of crap . They should be ashamed of themselves for wasting taxpayers money on it …

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… So , If the Website is Fixed [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,January 7th,2014

.. then why are the OC still considering substantial fixes to the website ..

.. Or , is it fixed ?

.. I seriously doubt that it is fixed . The front half (say , one – third) of the site works , but , what about the security of the site , eh ? You cannot just substatially overhaul the security of a website on the fly .

.. It is a state of mind . The security that you wish to have designed into the site needs to be put in in the beginning , not towards the end of the process . It does not work that way .

.. [h/t —]

.. [link] to John Fund ‘ s interview on FoxNews . It is a dandy , and is well worth your time …

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… Oregon is Only Light Blue [politically] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,January 6th,2014

.. or , ” pink , ” if you will .

.. [h/t —]

.. [link] to the townhall video recording . this small town guy really lites up Senator Nitwit , and Nitwit looks like a complete idiot …

.. Jeff Merkely is an idiot . He was one of those idiotic left wing loonies elected in His Lordship ‘ s first election in 2008 . However , what goes around , comes around . He is up for election , again . also , his Lordship is not on  the ballot this time around .  So Senator Nitwit has to stand on his own .

.. this is the tale of a small business owner . He had to cut out his health insurance for his employees , due to the ” essential benefits ” rules of ObamaCrapCare . Senator Nitwit keeps telling him [(link) to the video)] to sign up for Cover Oregon , the state – operated exchange .

.. One slight problem . Cover Oregon does not work . It likely will not work anytime , soon .

.. Nice going , Senator Nitwit ! ..

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… I am not Surprised [US Sen Rand Paul ‘ s Son & Medicaid] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,January 6th,2014

.. as i stated above , No , I am not surprised .

.. [h/t —]

.. [link] to the video … It is a video clip from This Week with George Stephanopoulous

.. I am on Medicaid . I have several chronic illnesses , and I am recovering as a patient in a long – term care facility as a long – term rehab patient .

.. Yea , I am still very much a conservative , thank you very much . I am not an idiot . My medical bill are astronomical . I have had to clear through Bankruptcy to eventually be able to get a clear and fresh financial start .

.. However , I chose to file for Medicaid . I filed for it in the Summer of 2009 when I was far sicker and in dire need of it . I am still in need of it . However , back then , I had the choice of filing to get Medicaid .

.. Now , people do not have that choice . They would much rather prefer private insurance . Who would not ? I would . I cannot afford . In the hyperregulated world we have now , you cannot choose to file for Medicaid . It is determined by your income level .

.. Medicaid is not something that I would recommend . My basic care is alright . I chose a good primary care doctor , one who cares about me and understands me . I do have some specialists , but not many . It takes something of a fight to get them . Not many specialists want to treat Medicaid patients . Especially these days . Do you want to know why ?

.. It is not because of the private sector . They are not low – balling things in terms of financial reinbursements . You want to know who is ? Uncle Sam .

.. Yea , that is right , Good ol ‘ Uncle Sammy . The government has been doing it for more than 40 years . The dummies who designed the Medicare and Medicaid systems did not think that they would cost all that much . Wrong . They are expensive . They are also economically detached from reality . Courtesy of Economics [a.k.a. , the Laws of Supply and Demand] and Another Law [of Unintended Consequences] . As a result , patients are detached from the consequences of their actioins . Demand grows like crazy , and thusly , the government low – balls physician and hospital reimbursements . They have been doing it ever since the programs were both born in the Sixties . Nice One .

.. As a result , the private sector gets nailed for the remainder of the reimbursement balanace . That economic battle is why there is medical inflation . Not because the private sector is greedy , but because the government ‘ s design of the programs has detached people from the consequences of their choices and their actions .

I am actively involved in my own case , as one should . I am concientious about the choices that I make . I try to make the taxpayer ‘ s dollar stretch as far as is decently possible . Medical safety and good sense do come into it , but I am as el – cheapo as they get .

.. People should understand what they are getting into . Medicaid is a substandard system . It has been for years . Doctors and Hospitals do want to participate . Many of them cannot afford to . They cannot practice what they consider to be prudent and safe medicine with the reimbursements that the Feds are paying right now . They keep going lower and lower . More and more folks keep dropping out of both programs . So , what did you expect ?

.. I was a caregiver before I was a caregived . Weird as that sounds , it makes sense to me . I was the backup to my cousin on a number of extended family members . I was on point with both of my parents as their health slowly but steadily declined . I lived near them . My brother and sister and their spouses did not . It was a matter of duty , as well as honor . I was glad to do . I would not change all that much .

.. I remember what it was like to get specialists to deal with me on my parents ‘ cases . Many times , it was in a hospital setting , so it was not such a big pain . But sometimes it was . Dealing with getting specialists to deal with a Medicare patient was not easy . But , I got the job done . They were my parents , and they needed the care , somehow .

.. Both of my parents were on what is now called Medicare Adavantage . MA was a big help . The insurers knew that there was strength in numbers , so they competed for the business . Back then , it also included prescription coverage , which made a big difference . There were also added benefits , ones that normal Medicare did not offer and did not cover . Yes , it did cost more , and the reimbursements were somewhat higher . But , it was worth it . Every penny .

.. What the ObamaCraps have done to MA is criminal . They are using Medicare Cuts [yes , MEDICARE CUTS] to pay for ObamaCrapCare . Not only in M.A. , but in regular Medicare , as well . What in God ‘ s Name could those idiots have been thinking .

.. i wrote this so hopefully people will understand what they are being forced into . Medicare is no longer a choice . You have to take it at age 65 , whether you like it or not . Now , Medicaid is something that is no longer to be chosen : You have to take it , like it or not .

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… Is Antartica Really Resolved ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,January 5th,2014

… to be specific , the MV ship , and its fate ?

.. right now , it is still stuck in the Antartic ice . The Chinese icebreaker that came to rescue it is also still stuck nearby (within about 15 miles) . The polar researchers that were on the MV ship were lifted (by helicopter) to safety , and taken to an Australian icebreaker .

.. That ship is taking those researchers to Australia (specifically , the Aussie island [rather large] of Tasmania) . That journey will , however , take up to 2 to 3 weeks .

.. the MV ship is waiting for an American icebreaker (i suspect , a Coast Guard cutter) that is capable of cutting through up to 20 feet of ice . The capabilities of the Aussie icebreaker and the Chinese one are a tad more limited , I think …

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… Gee , Where Do the Twentysomethings Land ? [ObamaCrapCare policies] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,December 3rd,2013

.. this is an interview with Kurt Kuehne , the C.E.O. of overnight shipper U.P.S. . He was appearing on CNBC ‘ s Squawk Box . He was explaining to the interviewer about the financial facts – of – life on ObamaCrapCare , where it applies to spouses …

.. [link] to the video . ..

.. Gee , I wonder . If spouses cannot stay on their opposite spouse ‘ s health insurance plan (especially under ObamaCrapCare) , then where do the twentysomethings go ? Supposely , they get to go somewhere …

.. The problem is where ? and How ?

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… Wow , Does John Cornyn Stick a BlowTorch to the ObamaCraps !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,December 2nd,2013

.. this is an online interview session with U.S. Senator John Cornyn [R – Tx] . This is a [link] to the A/V of the interview session .

.. It is part of what is called a ” Google Hangout . ” I am just beginning to understand what that means . Guess it is just a simple online interview , with the Google brand , I guess …

.. where it gets spicy is where Senator Cornyn puts a rhetorical and political blowtorch to the ObamaCrap Administration over the ObamaCrapCare website debacle and the lies [yes , he said “lies”] over POTUS ‘ promises over you – know – what …

.. Nice Going , Senator ! It is really nice to hear someone call it as they see it , even when the language gets tough . My God , all of the spin these days gets so nauseating , Puke ! …

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… It is Not needed Then (by 2017) , Fluff … [ObamaCrapCare website] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,December 2nd,2013

.. you stupid idiot , it is needed … NOW !! …

.. Duh !!!! ..

.. this is a [video] of David Plouffe , or , as I prefer to refer to him , as Fluff , on ” This Week with George Stephanoupoulus . ” As usual , Fluff makes an idiot of himself in the process . Did he ever hold a private sector job of any kind ?

.. Better yet , it was needed to be ready on the day that it was supposed to be ready … October 1st , 2013 … If it was not , then it should have been delayed until the time that it was ready [front side and back side] …

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… One should Watch These Folks at Work [Fox News Sunday panel] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,December 2nd,2013


George Will

George Will (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

.. video link [here] ..

.. with this , you have your choice of subjects . Either choose the diplomatic brawl over the Afghanistan debate , or the supposed ” relaunch ” over ObamaCrapCare …

.. especially George Will and Brit Hume .

.. George Will being added to the lineup at Fox News is a great get for them . Will has a giant ‘ s intellect , with a genius ‘ instinct for gifted writing to match . When he gets to go at it with others in his weight class , such as Brit Hume , Charles Krauthammer , and Bill O ‘ Reilly , it is really a special treat . Watching them hash out and through an issue is really something …

.. I pity Evan Bayh and Jane Harman , especially Harman . Neither of these two is an intellectual lightweight . But either of these two matching up in an intellectual brawl against a giant , such as Will … no mas !!

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… Nice Going Guys (It ain’t Fixed) [ObamaCrapCare website] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,December 2nd,2013

.. the ObamaCraps keep telling us that “” is fixed . Then , why , dummies , do you have a new queing feature ?

[h/t– theGatewayPundit]
.. You need to see this video [link] . These idiots are keeping saying that the ” front end ” of the website [where the government does its ” business “] is working properly , and at capacity . If it is , then why is this queing feature being used or is needed ?

.. If you dummies have redesigned the site with enough capacity , then there is little need for the queing feature ? If you have redesigned the site with properly working security features , then there is no need for it ? If the ” back end ” of the site [the ” 834 ” reports to the insurance companies] is working properly , then the site should be working smoothly , and should be able to handle most any surge capacity …

.. What gives , guys ? The fact is … the damn site is not fixed . So , fix it !! .. Either that , or junk it , and buy something from the private sector that has been tested and tested and works just fine …

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… Really Dumb Move [Lying to the Saudis] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,December 2nd,2013

.. given the ecosocialist policies here in the U.S. , unfortunately , it is unlikely anytime soon for us to reach a level of self – sufficiency in oil production . So , it makes sense to keep the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in our camp .

.. The Saudis are the prime seat of power in the Arab world . Their kingdom carries an outsize weight in every Arab capital , no matter where . They do even in non – Arab capitals , given that they are the location of Mecca and Medinah , the #1 and #3 holiest sites in Islam .

.. F.Y.I. , folks , there are [#] nations with Muslim populations that are larger than that of any Arab nation , and are also larger than that of Iran [80 million]

[-] Turkey — 96 million
[-] Pakistan — 180 million
[-] Malaysia — about 150 million
[-] Indonesia — over 250 million
[-] China — 30 to 50 million Muslim population
[-] India — between 175 million to 200 million

by comparison ,
[-] U.S.A. — between 2.5 million and 3 million

.. so , get the idea also that Saudi Arabia sits on 3 (yes , 3) of the largest pools of developed oil fields in the world . They share one with Iraq , one more with Kuwait , and have the largest to themselves . They produce over 9 million barrels of oil a day . Only Russia [10 million] and the U.S. [9 million] compare . They can also expand their capacity , if the market warrants . And Iran knows it …

.. Also , there is more capacity coming back on the market . Libya is barely producing any oil at all , except for its own needs . It can eventuall rebuild . Iraq is rebuilding its production , at around 2.5 million to 3 million barrels a day . Iraq is capable of producing up around 5 . 0 to 5.5 million barrels a day . So there is more capacity to come back on the market .

.. Play it smart . It helps keeping the Kingdom in our camp . They hate the mullahs . They may not like Israel all that much , but they recognize a nation that maximizes its strengths , which Israel must do to survive .

.. Also , Iran is between a rock and a hard place . They know (now) that Azerbaijan is cooperating with the Israelis . The Azeris are hardly the only TransCaucausaisn nation that is [Armenia likely is , ditto Georgia] . If the Kingdom is , then Israel can easily flank Iran with its air power , and draw in the US , like it or not .

.. Do Not forget about India , either . They have the world ‘ s second largest navy , and they have 4 aircraft carriers , more than anyone else . Their sub force could easily sneak into the Persian Gulf and blast Iran without them knowing it was there , or that it was them that did it .

.. Also , Israel has a submarine force of its own . It is publically known at 4 , but I am betting that it is likely 6 or more . That would not surprise me one bit . A sub battle in the Indian Ocean would be a messy business . India and Israel against Iran would be no contest . Then , there would be lots and lots of cruise missiles raining down all over Iran and Lebanon (Hezbollahland) .

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… Bravo , Project Veritas …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,November 21st,2013

.. James O ‘ Keefe , you sly dog , you struck again !

[h/t — National Review // Eliana Johnson]

[link] — this is a video link of Project Veritas (and O ‘ Keefe) nailing Enroll America …

.. Boy , and how . This is not just about the ” navigators ” who are ” enrolling ” people in ObamaCrapCare . This one is about Enroll America , the leftovers from OfA ‘ s campaigns (both 2008 and 2012) .

.. These knuckleheads gather this information from people in ” targeted ” areas . They are suppossed to send that information on to the navigators for use in the enrollment process . You may wonder what happens with that information , then ?

.. It becomes a political goldmine , so to speak , for Enroll America . They can then deal with it with whom they so choose . That is a problem . A very serious problem . for which Project Veritas has a ready solution …

.. the ” disinfectant ” of the spotlight …

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… Bravo , Guys [yes , Health Care – related]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,November 20th,2013

.. don’t worry , folks , this time , this one is a good story about health insurance reform .

.. these three guys (young 20-somethings) took it upon themselves to create something working . Well , guess what ? They did it ! They created a really simple website , entitled ”  . ” It holds up to a old rule , ie K.I.S.S. , keep it simple , stupid .

.. Incredibly , for over three years , the government managed to blow thru over $600 million . They have created the technology – equivalent of a clusterf**k . And these guys did this . It is far simpler , and is very easy to use .

.. You can scan over the offerings , very quickly , very easily . You can change the entry items , if you need to , and the site will not regurgitate or crash .

.. Though the government engaged outside companies for various aspects of the project, it chose to put bureaucrats within the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in charge of overall project management, “despite the fact that CMS has no experience managing large IT projects.” Compounding the likelihood that the train wreck which has occurred would occur, project managers appear to have mostly fiddled for over 2-1/2 years to ensure that most controversial matters would be kept from the public until after the 2012 elections.

The bureaucratic control freaks convinced the obviously incompetent project managers that the government simply had to have a mountain of information about each potential applicant before they could even be allowed to shop for plans. Then things went from merely disgraceful to utterly inexcusable. We now know that Sebelius’s crew opened despite being warned [10] just four days before its launch that it would be “a ‘high’ security risk” for users “because of a lack of testing.”

No private firm would launch under these circumstances — and if any did, law enforcement would be frog-marching company executives to jail within days.

LEC again .. I am including a [link] to the site [h/t —] , and to a fellow ohio blogger , Tom Blumer . He blogs at w^ , and has a column at pjmedia (the one I linked to above) ..

.. how come ? — the CBS news site that I was trying to call up was a little unconventional . So , it is easier to call up Tom ‘ s column , and launch the news piece from there .

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… Nicely Done , Dummies [embarassing H.H.S.] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,November 20th,2013

.. her royal highness , H.H.S. Secretary Kathleen G. Sebelius went to a ObamaCrapCare presser this morning down in Florida .

.. You go were your potential audience is , though . However , for Madame Secretary , it was a huge embarassment . Why , do you ask ? When a patron was accessing the “” site , with Her Royal Highness looking over her shoulder , guess what happened ?

.. the website crashed . Ha!Ha! No joke , it did ! How stupid is that . Nice prep work and stagecraft , guys and gals . Oops !

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… What is the E.P.A. thinking ?!?! [you have to see this to believe it] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,November 15th,2013

.. Fire Hydrants are for one thing . Fighting fires . Period .

.. It seems that the EcoSocialist Propaganda Agency is trying to pull a real loo – loo of a regulator  ‘ s boner on this one , folks . They are screwing over cities , counties , and numerous jurisdictions , not to mention the Fire Hydrant manufacturers , on this .

.. You may wonder , why ? Because of the risk of lead in the water that comes out from a fire hydrant . Huh ?  the risk of lead getting into the drinking water supply , of all things . You see the words that I highlighted ? Yea , the drinking water risk of lead .  Are these people nuts ?!?!

.. You know what happens when you use a fire hydrant ? The water comes out of it under heavy pressure . If you are at the business end of a fire hose , you will discover that . The hard way . Those things are used for drinking water ? Even when the hydrant is opened , sans hose , you get a bath , big time . Getting drinking water from it is hardly part of the equation . Getting a broken nose or a broken jaw usually is …

.. You should , if you want , read this Bloomberg News piece [link] . It explains the mess that the cities are in in more detail …

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… Nasty [Project Veritas strikes again] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 12th,2013

… thank you National Review (and John Fund) . Of course , Thank You (Big Time) Project Veritas and James O ‘ Keefe ! …

[link] — the link is to the video embedded inside of John Fund ‘ s piece . It is provided , of course , by O ‘ Keefe . I would say that there will be much , much more of this to come .

.. I cannot tell the story better than a masterful wordsmith like John Fund can . So , here is a piece of the article [h/t — National Review] …

There’s much more in the video, which O’Keefe hints will not be his last. Left unexplored is how so many navigators nationwide were hired without any background checks required. While Texas and some other states have passed requirements of their own, the absence of such checks at the federal level was acknowledged by HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius last week. She was asked by Texas senator John Cornyn if “a convicted felon could be a navigator and could acquire sensitive personal information from an individual unbeknownst to them.”

“It’s possible,” was Secretary Sebelius’s less-than-comforting reply.

Michael Astrue served as commissioner of Social Security until earlier this year, and in the 1990s served as general counsel for HHS. He wrote in The Weekly Standard last month that he is genuinely frightened of the lax security surrounding the Obamacare website, and the fact that navigators will access the federal data hub to help people enroll:

HHS opened the door to large-scale fraud by providing funding for tens of thousands of “navigators”—people who are supposed to persuade the uninsured to apply for coverage and then assist them in the application process. Instead of hiring well-screened, well-trained, and well-supervised workers, HHS decided to build political support for the Affordable Care Act by pouring money into supportive organizations so they could launch poorly trained workers into their communities without obtaining criminal background checks or creating systems for monitoring their activities.

As a practical matter, these navigators are unaccountable, and yet they will be asking people for Social Security numbers and other sensitive information. It will not take long for navigators to become predators, and HHS has no plan to deal with the new breed of predators it is creating. The somnolent HHS inspector general has been silent about this scheme that will inflict widespread fraud and identity theft on vulnerable Americans.

Finally, we should all remember that the Minnesota exchange illegally disclosed the Social Security numbers of 2,400 of its state’s citizens 18 days before its exchange opened for business. With HHS’s convoluted patchwork of contractors, including the data centers of “the cloud,” tens of thousands of people have now gained access to our personal data.

In Texas, some of those people work for Local 100 United Labor Unions, a New Orleans group run by ACORN founder Wade Rathke. Local 100 is a “sub-grantee” providing navigators for the Southern United Neighborhoods group, which received a $600,678 grant to promote Obamacare enrollment. It also received a $270,193 grant for similar work in Arkansas and a $486,123 grant for Louisiana, also as a “sub-grantee.” Marcel Reid, a former dissident board member of ACORN who broke with the group in 2008 over its questionable practices, told me earlier this year, “ACORN is forming new groups under new mismanagement, and if Wade Rathke is involved in any of them, it spells trouble.”

Many of the Navigator problems uncovered in O’Keefe’s videos and by other media outlets could have been predicted, given the propensity of Obama World to associate with highly ideological and often administratively sloppy “community organizers.” Last Friday, the Washington Post ran a piece by Ed Rogers, a former top deputy in the 1988 George H. W. Bush campaign, entitled “Six Reasons Obamacare Will Get Worse for Democrats.” One reason leaps out:

Navigators. If you liked ACORN, you’ll love the Obamacare Navigators. I’m sure there will be good, sincere people who really want to help people navigate the Obamacare maze. But there will be enough bad apples employed as navigators to supply plenty of scary anecdotes and weird encounters that will result in a steady ridicule of the overall program. And there will no doubt be activists with hidden cameras ready to capture a few creepy and outrageous encounters that will grab everybody’s attention and make voters even more skeptical of Obamacare.

The law’s problems are coming from more sides than a pentadecagon. But one of the most serious things undermining its credibility is the Obama administraion’s seemingly complete indifference to corruption within one of the key groups tasked with its implementation. We’ll have to see just how much worse it gets .

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… Cooked ! [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 5th,2013

.. you do not expect CBS snooze these days to do serious news gathering .

.. Well , that may well be changing . Sharyl Atkisson has been driving the ObamaCrap Administration by breaking story after story on the Benghazi scandal . That one alone has to be given His Lordship plenty of grey hairs . Not that he does not deserve it . He does , and plenty of them .

.. Now Jan Crawford seems to be following in Atkisson ‘ s lead . Crawford is sinking her considerable professional chops into the colossal botch of the website launch of ObamaCrapCare . Boy , oh boy , does she give the ObamaCraps a roasting …

[link] — this is the link to the CBS snooze piece by Crawford . It is well worth watching …

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… Can Anyone Keep their Mouth Shut ? [National Security / Foreign Affairs] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 5th,2013

.. It is absolutely amazing when people , namely our allies , who work with us , and supposedly trust us , how they must be reacting and thinking when you have news that leaks out in the news media that should be better kept secret . Unfortunately , we have people in our government who have a big problem with keeping their big mouth shut .

.. Bob Gates , the former Defence Secretary , put it aptly a couple of years agao . It was , if I remember , when news of the Stuxnet virus had leaked out , but it had not been confirmed who did it , and why . Also , it was around the time that our Navy Seals got Osama Bin Laden , I think …
What he said , in response to a question about keeping national security secrets , especially when the ObamaCrap Administration kept leaking them , was a real dandy ….

… it was Shut the Fuck Up ! …

… a classic case of the damage that this lack of national security can do came up in a blog post by a favourite Reaganite columnist of mine , Dr. Elliot Abrams …

Is the United States Spilling Its Allies’ Secrets?

by Elliott Abrams November 1, 2013

The news of the last few weeks has been filled with complaints that the United States is electronically spying not only on enemies but on allies as well. As I wrote in a previous blog post, if we have in fact targeted the cell phones of leaders of friends and allies, such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, we should stop. Yes, the world is a dangerous place and gentlemen do read each others’ mail, but deliberately targeting the leader of an ally such as Germany is wrong and stupid. And especially so given the risk, these days, that such conduct will leak and damage important allied relationships.Spying this way on allies is bad enough. Revealing their secrets to the press is even worse. Yet we have a pattern of doing this when it comes to Israel, and the most recent example came on October 31.

Earlier this past week a Syrian military base in Latakia was hit, and apparently an important quantity of missiles meant for delivery to Hezbollah were destroyed. There was speculation about the attack, including suggestions that Israel rather than Syrian rebels conducted it. But Israel remained mum, as it always does. It believes that its security is greatly enhanced by such silence, in part because bragging about these attacks might well humiliate Hezbollah or Assad and push them into some kind of retaliation. It is for this reason that Israel sought absolute American and Israeli official silence after its attack on the Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007. Indeed Israel still to this day, six years later, does not officially acknowledge that it conducted that attack. The United States remained silent about that attack until the danger of retaliation was thought to be gone.

But once again this week American officials told the press that Israel was responsible for an attack on Syria as soon as it occurred.

Here is the CNN story:

Israeli warplanes struck a military base near the Syrian port city of Latakia this week, an Obama administration official told CNN on Thursday. An explosion at a missile storage site in the area was reported in the Middle Eastern press, but an attack has not been confirmed by the Israeli government. The target, according to the Obama administration official, was missiles and related equipment the Israelis felt might be transferred to the Lebanon-based militant group Hezbollah. The official declined to be identified because of the sensitive nature of the information.

U.S. officials did this as recently as July, as a New York Times story reported:

Israel carried out an air attack in Syria this month that targeted advanced antiship cruise missiles sold to the Syria government by Russia, American officials said Saturday. The officials, who declined to be identified because they were discussing intelligence reports, said the attack occurred July 5 near Latakia, Syria’s principal port city.

And we did it in May:

A series of powerful explosions rocked the outskirts of Damascus early Sunday morning, which Syrian state television said was the result of Israeli missile attacks on a Syrian military installation. If true, it would be the second Israeli airstrike in Syria in two days and the third this year…An American official, who asked not to be identified because he was discussing intelligence reports, said the targeted shipment consisted of Iranian-made Fateh-110s

There is a pernicious pattern here, and other examples could be cited. Add this to the NSA revelations, and the United States seems to be aggressive in stealing the secrets of some close allies and aggressive in ignoring the interests of allies by conveying intelligence information to the press. The continuing leaks about what Israel has been doing are dangerous and damaging. Israel is acting where we are not, enforcing red lines when we have failed to do so, and assuming risks we have refused to take. We act as a poor ally if we repeatedly and indeed recklessly increase the risk to Israel by treating sensitive information as fodder for the press.

… LEC here again — we need to  do a much better job of protecting our nation  ‘ s secrets . Especially when they also involve those of also our allies . If we are going to have close allies , we are going to have to protect their secrets , as well , and not leak them to any press corps …

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… Anyone able to Screen out Abortion Coverage ? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,October 17th,2013

..courtesy of ObamaCrapCare , and their “Essential Benefits Package , ” lwell , one can end up paying for murder , er , abortion coverage in O.C.C. , without knowing it …

… from LifeNews (Steven Ertelt) …

Obamacare Exchanges Hide Info on Abortion Coverage, Mandatory Abortion Surcharge

by Steven Ertelt | | 10/12/13 3:16 AM

With the exchanges of Obamacare activated this month, it has become evident that it is nearly impossible for individuals to try to determine which exchange plans on their state exchange, if any, exclude abortion, said a group of lawmakers at a bipartisan press conference Wednesday.

U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (NJ-04) unveiled his legislation, H.R. 3279, the “Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act” —cosponsored by 70 other Members of the House—to ensure full disclosure of abortion coverage, requiring prominent and transparent disclosure of abortion coverage for each plan offered on an exchange. This is crucial information for millions of Americans since the many plans that include elective abortion are required by law to impose a monthly mandatory abortion surcharge. Many Americans object to paying a surcharge into a fund to be used solely for the purpose of aborting unborn babies.

Smith said the inauguration of the Obamacare exchanges reveals that many health insurance plans throughout the nation will include abortion on demand—even late term abortions. Smith recalled that in October 2009, President Obama said in a speech to a joint session of Congress that, “under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortion… .” A week after the Obamacare rollout, many are now discovering that—contrary to solemn promises made by the President himself—Obamacare violates the Hyde Amendment by funding plans that include abortion.

“The new law requires premium payers to be assessed an abortion surcharge every month to pay for abortions,” said Rep. Smith. “But many pro-life Americans may unwittingly purchase pro-abortion plans because of a marketing secrecy clause embedded in Obamacare which stipulates that the surcharge be minimally disclosed only at the time of enrollment. In other words, bury it in the fine print. This is a Right to Know bill. Americans have a right to know upfront and with full transparency when they are purchasing a plan that subsidizes the killing of unborn children. Even the most ardent advocate of abortion should embrace full disclosure.”

Joining Smith and Dan Lipinksi (D-IL), co-chairs of the Pro-Life Caucus, were Reps. Joe Pitts (PA-16) and Diane Black (TN-06), Vicky Hartzler (MO-04) and Trent Franks (AZ-08).

“Americans buying their insurance through the new healthcare exchanges shouldn’t have to spend hours trying to figure out if the money they pay for premiums will be spent to provide abortions. This bill will give the American people the transparency they need to make informed decisions that are in line with their religious and moral beliefs,” Rep. Dan Lipinski said. “None of this would be a problem if we pass the ‘No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.’ There is a longstanding principle in our country that the federal government does not subsidize abortions. Yet under Obamacare, taxpayer money under the guise of federal subsidies will be paying for insurance that covers elective abortion. This needs to stop.”

“The President tells Americans that they can go online, find the plan that covers what they need, and make a selection,” said Rep. Joe Pitts. “If Obamacare is all about choice, then why is the administration making it so difficult for people to find out about whether a plan pays for abortion? It’s time that we got some truth in advertising.”

“The Obamacare exchange launch has been an unmitigated disaster,” said Congressman Diane Black. “One of the most troubling problems is that many consumers are unclear as to what exactly will be covered by the plans they purchase online. Clearly Americans who are pro-life would object to paying for a health care plan that included abortion coverage and then be forced to pay an abortion surcharge into a fund that is meant to be used solely for the purposes of destroying human life. And this is equally problematic for the millions of Americans who simply don’t believe the federal government should be subsidizing abortions. The Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act would simply require that all plans on the exchanges disclose whether or not the plan includes abortion coverage. This is not a partisan issue—this is commonsense.”

I support the legislation that Rep. Chris Smith has put forward, and I adamantly believe that we need to lift the veil of secrecy from Obamacare while ensuring transparent policies,” said Rep. Vicky Hartzler. “I commend every member that has signed on to this bill, and I also encourage members of both parties and the Senate to vote for this common-sense legislation. We must eliminate the “secrecy clauses” and “abortion fees” from current taxpayer subsidized insurance plans and fight to restore individual religious liberty and moral conscience to our medical decisions.”

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… Banning ” Extraordinary Measures ” could reduce Default Risk [ShutDown Theatre] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,October 16th,2013

.. POTUS & Co are objecting to a measure that includes language  that the GOP is trying to restrict the Treasury’s ability to maneuver under the debt ceiling with a provision that could, counterintuitively, have the effect of reducing the possibility of a default in the future. House Republicans are considering legislation to raise the debt ceiling and fund the government that includes language banning the Treasury from using “extraordinary measures” to create headroom under the debt ceiling in the future.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has been using such measures, which include issuing IOUs to government employee retirement funds and shifting around government accounts, since the debt reached the statutory limit of $16.7 trillion in May. Lew has said that he will run out of the measures on Thursday, at which point he will be left with only cash and incoming revenues with which to pay the country’s bills.

.. His projection has been interpreted by many in the government and media as a hard deadline for avoiding a default on Treasury obligations. The actual hard deadline was May 31st , 2013 . The extraordinary measures have been used to manuveur around below the ceiling ,  since then .

.. People think that this October 17th is a hard deadline . Matter of fact , it is not . The Treasury likely has enough funds on hand to meet all its bills through October 22nd , at the earliest , or November 1st , at the latest, according to many calculations .

.. Confusion over when exactly the government faces default is hurting the Obama administration’s credibility, former Obama economic adviser Austan Goolsbee said last week. Goolsbee called it a “fuzziness problem”: The public doesn’t understand the timing of the default threat, even if they believe it’s a real threat. Removing the use of extraordinary measures might clear up that fuzziness.

.. Removing the ability of Treasury to maneuver under the debt ceiling for months at a time could mean that whatever day the Treasury hits the debt limit is a hard deadline. That, in turn, could decrease Congress’ willingness to push negotiations to the last minute.  Nevertheless, President Obama and Lew have objected to the GOP measure. Treasury officials under both Democratic and Republican presidents have used the maneuvers, and ending them would represent a transfer of power away from the executive branch.

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… Hmm , Get the Proffer [Lois Lerner & Immunity] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,October 1st,2013

.. this tasty nugget comes from the Daily Caller …

IRS scandal figure Lois Lerner is negotiating through her lawyers with Rep. Darrell Issa’s House Oversight and Government Reform Committee about possibly gaining immunity to testify again in the committee’s investigative hearings.

“The Chairman did not adjourn the hearing, he recessed it. Ms. Lerner remains under subpoena. The Committee has not made

Darrell E. Issa, American politician

… Congressman Darrell E. Issa [R-Ca] …(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

any offer of immunity to Ms. Lerner. The Committee has, however, indicated a willingness to listen to any offers from her attorney about what she would testify to if it was offered,” Oversight Committee adviser Ali Ahmad told The Daily Caller.

“I don’t have any update for you on timing,” Ahmad said in regard to when Lerner will be called back before the committee.

Though Lerner, who apologized for her IRS division’s improper scrutiny of conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status, can be called back before Issa’s committee without immunity, and even arrested if she doesn’t show up, Oversight seems to be taking a more diplomatic approach to get information out of her.

Washington-based Lerner tried to plead the Fifth to avoid self-incrimination in congressional testimony in May, but the Oversight Committee ruled that she waived her Fifth Amendment rights when she said “I have not broken any laws” before attempting her plea.

Emails released this month show Lerner appearing to collude with Democratic operatives and the Federal Election Commission in targeting tea party groups in 2011.

The IRS did not return a request for comment on the nature of Lerner’s negotiations with investigators.

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… Now What is the ObamaCrap Administration Thinking ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,September 14th,2013

.. this bunch of ObamaCraps has been like a bunch of Keystone Kops , in that these days these seem to not be able to do anything right . It cannot get any worse , can it ?

.. Actually , believe it or not , yes , it can . It seems that the Department of Health and InHuman Services is seeking to ask for vast sums of information be gathered , and then be placed in the electronic form of our medical record . One might think , there is a great deal in there , already . No , not this stuff , evidently .

.. Ideally , one would think that the conversion to Electronic Health Records [E.H.R.s] would be voluntary , and market – based . Well , so far , it has not . People evidently want to make the investment in the technology , though , they just want to agree on a standard that everybody can live with .

..This is where the ObamaCraps have snuck their way in , and gotten their nose under the tent . Expecting that what would become ObamaCrapCare would eventually pass , these schucks put provisions into the Stimulus Bill . Supposedly , the conversion is still “voluntary,” but the government is now forcing the action . Providers will have their reimbursements docked 1 percent (or more) a year for those who do not comply . That is bad enough . Now , these idiots want to grab even more personal information from and through their health care providers , whether we like it or not .

… from the Washington Free Beacon

Government Seeking Inclusion of ‘Social and Behavioral’ Data in Health Records

Experts worry about security, use of such information

Kathleen Sebelius / AP

Kathleen Sebelius / AP

BY: Follow @GoliadGal September 13, 2013 3:30 pm


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) wants to require health care providers to include “social and behavioral” data in Electronic Health Records (EHR) and to link patient’s records to public health departments, it was announced last week.

Health care experts say the proposal raises additional privacy concerns over Americans’ personal health information, on top of worries that the Obamacare “data hub” could lead to abuse by bureaucrats and identify theft.

The CMS currently covers 100 million people through Medicare, Medicaid, and the Children’s Hospital Insurance Program and is tasked with running Obamacare.

According to a solicitation posted by the Department of Health and Human Services on Sept. 4, the CMS is commissioning the National Academy of Sciences to study how best to add social and behavioral factors to electronic health record reporting.

The agency said adding social and behavioral data to patients’ online records will improve health care.

“Increasing EHR adoption has the potential to improve health and health care quality,” the contract’s statement of work (SOW) reads. “Parallel advances in analytic tools applied to such records are fueling new approaches to discovering determinants of population health.”

The project sets out to identify “core data standards for behavioral and social determinants of health to be included in EHRs.”

Critics suggested this would create new bureaucracies and negatively impact health care.

“This sounds like an example of the federal government further intruding on the practice of medicine,” said Chris Jacobs, a senior policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation.

“It’s including more pay for performance requirements on physicians to collect all sorts of data in order to get government reimbursements,” he said.

The 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act gave authority to the CMS to pay hospitals and doctors that make the switch to electronic health records, to “encourage widespread EHR adoption.”

Health care professionals who began participating in the program in 2011 or 2012 can receive up to $44,000 for using EHRs for Medicare and $63,750 for Medicaid over 5 and 6 years, respectively.

Though the program is “totally voluntary,” eligible professionals who are not using EHRs by 2015 will see a 1 percent reduction in their Medicare and Medicaid fees each year.

Jacobs says the government’s “pay for conformance” culture in health care is “telling doctors what they have to do and how they have to do it in order to receive government reimbursement.”

The “meaningful use” program already requires doctors and hospitals to report the demographics of a patient and if he smokes to qualify for its first step. The second stage, planned for 2014, will require recording a patient’s family health history.

The National Academy of Sciences will make recommendations for adding social and behavioral data for stage three, which will be unveiled in 2016.

A spokesman for the CMS told the Washington Free Beacon that the agency is in the early stages of crafting the requirements for this stage.

“While we know that they are considering [clinical quality measures], it would allow a greater variety of specialties and procedures to be included,” said Tony Salters, a spokesman for CMS. “This includes items like behavioral health, dental care, drug, and alcohol use, etc.”

The CMS issued a “sole source” contract to the National Academy of Sciences because of “its caliber and expertise in the medical profession,” they said.

A spokeswoman for the National Academy of Sciences told the Free Beacon that the study began on July 15.

Working with the Institute of Medicine, a committee is currently drafting suggestions for collecting social and behavioral data.

The committee will “identify core social and behavioral domains to be included in all EHRs,” the organization said.

Not only will the committee come up with what behavioral data will be collected, they will also suggest how that data can be shared with public health departments.

The contract orders the committee to identify, “Possibilities for linking EHRs to public health departments, social service agencies, or other relevant non-health care organizations and case studies, if possible, of where this has been done and how issues of privacy have been addressed.”

The committee will also look at the “obstacles” to collecting social data for EHRs, and “how these obstacles can be overcome.”

Jacobs said the study is troubling in light of security issues with the Obamacare “data hub,” which will collect Social Security numbers and personal information to verify participation in the health insurance marketplace, beginning on Oct. 1.

“We’ve already seen with the Obamacare data hub and the significant delays that have been associated with it,” he said. “Government auditors have raised concerns about maintaining timelines and implementation and whether the data hub can be implemented in a secure manner that ensures Americans’ medical and financial records aren’t at risk.”

Others have warned that the database is vulnerable to abuse by the numerous government agencies involved, including the IRS, the Department of Homeland Security, state Medicaid databases, and the Social Security Administration.

The potential for social and behavioral data to be shared with government agencies is only more worrisome, Jacobs said.

“This study raises additional questions about the privacy and security implications of the federal government sharing personal health data with other organizations and entities,” he said.

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… Australia and the Carbon Tax …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,September 8th,2013

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott (16)

… new Australian PM Tony Abbott …

.. if Labour is smart , they will vote (at least to a point) with the new Government to repeal the hated Carbon tax .

.. This tax is indeed hated down under . It places Australia at a distinct disadvantagege in comparison to its neighbours , economically . Australia is indeed diversifying its economy , but it is still very much export – based , in many ways a great deal like Canada . Now it will be in a better position to compete , and not just in Asia .

.. It will be interesting to see how the change in power in Canberra will be taken in Europe and the America . The big factor is , of course , my home country , the United States . We have our first Communist President , one who is a wus at home , and is a even bigger wus overseas .

.. In the U.S. , POTUS ‘ effective remaining power is his power over the administrative state . He can lay out his policies , but his policies do not make him popular . Matter of fact , they make him ever more unpopular . Any way that he tries to implement policy is contested in the courts . Which makes for both an interesting time , and lots of delays .

.. These days , an even bigger fight has ensued over his policies . Left – wing and ecosocialist interest groups take their beefs over ObamaCrap Administration policies to court . Where it then gets interesting is when those same groups and the ObamaCraps start playing “footsie,” legally . It then sets up what is known as a “sue and settle” situation , where the ObamaCraps still get their policy enacted , and effectively block opposition from the right by blocking their access to the courts .

.. I wonder how Australia ‘ s export – based economy is going to like that . Especially with the carbon tax likely to go the way of the “do – do bird . ”



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… Congrats to Tony Abbott [new Australian PM] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,September 8th,2013

.. hot dog ! ..

.. Tony Abbott and the Liberal / National Party Coalition [the Tories] have won an overwhelming election mandate , and have been returned to power after a very long abscence from power .

.. Abbott ‘ s Coalition has appeared to have won 91 or 92 seats in the Australian House of Representatives . It represents an approximate 33 or 34 seat majority in that body . Australia ‘ s Parliament looks in form somewhat like our U.S. Congress , but its function is that of a Westminster parliament , or similar to the Britain . Its Senate control is divided , only because one – healf of the seats were up .

.. Abbott is right . Australia is indeed , open for business once again . If the Aussie Laborites and the Greens are not careful , Abbott could force the Govenour General [Australia ‘ s nominal head of state] to have a “double dissolution ” of both house. It would then put all 150 House seats and 76 Senate seats up at once , and Labour would be to blame .

.. Australia ‘ s hated “carbon tax” will survive , at least for now . Unless Labour is nuts , they will support the new Government , and vote for repeal . Playing political “chicken” with a newly elected and apparantely very popular PM is a really dumb idea . We shall see …

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… Senator Rand Paul [R-Ky] to SecState JohnBoy …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,September 3rd,2013

.. U.S. Senator Rand Paul [R-Ky] sharply criticized Secretary of State John Kerry for his statement that President Obama had the constitutional authority to order military intervention in Syria, telling him that if the U.S. Congress voted down authorization but Obama acted anyway, he would be “making a joke of us” and this would be mere “constitutional theater.” [link]

PAUL: Make me proud today, Secretary Kerry. Stand up for us and say you’re going to obey the Constitution, and if we vote you down, which is unlikely by the way, but if we do, you would go with what the people say through their Congress and you wouldn’t go forward with a war that your Congress votes against. Can you give me a better answer, Secretary Kerry?

KERRY: I can’t give you a different answer than the one I gave you. I don’t know what the president’s decision is, but I will tell you this. It ought to make you proud because he still has the constitutional authority, and he would be in keeping with the Constitution.

PAUL: Well, I disagree with you there. I don’t believe he has the constitutional authority. I think Congress has this. Madison was very explicit. When he wrote the Federalist Papers, he wrote that history supposes, or the Constitution supposes what history demonstrates, that the Executive is the branch most likely to go to war and therefore the Constitution vested that power in the Congress. It’s explicit and runs throughout all of Madison’s writings. This power is a Congressional power and is not an Executive power. They didn’t say big war, small war. They didn’t say boots on the ground, not boots on the ground. They said declare war. Ask the people on the ships launching the missiles whether they’re involved with war or not. If we do not say the Constitution applies, if we do not say explicitly that we will abide by this vote, you’re making a joke of us. You’re making us into theater, and so we play constitutional theater for the president. If this is real, you will abide by the verdict of Congress. You’re probably going to win. Just got ahead and say it’s real and let’s have a real debate in this country and not a meaningless debate that in the end you lose and say, ‘Oh well, we had the authority anyway, we’re going to go ahead and go to war anyway.’

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… I am Amazed ; Is POTUS this Shallow ?? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,September 2nd,2013

I am amazed ; Is Obama this shallow ?

.. The first rule for President Obama: It’s all about 2014. The second rule for President Obama: See Rule No. 1.

President Barack Obama addresses the House Dem...

… POTUS , the first W.U.S.S. …

.. Make no mistake: The president couldn’t care less about the plight of Syrians, the 1,500 gassed to death — including nearly 500 children. It’s all about 2014. Win the House, reign supreme.

.. The conventional wisdom is, as usual, wrong. Losing the congressional vote would be an embarrassment for the president, as all the talking heads are still parroting.
.. Keep this in mind: This president knows no way to campaign other than to blame others. He’ll batter Republicans for all of 2014 as obstructionists should they be the reason the effort fails . But the bloviating politicos are also wrong that the “Republican-controlled House” could reject the plan for partisan reasons. It is Democrats who seem most squeamish — and they were the most vocal in demanding their say before intervention in Syria.

.. Still, the entire fiasco has been hard to watch . It has been an “Amateur Hour” indeed. The president declares a “red line,” then sees the Syrian dictator cross it again and again. The Nobel Peace Prize winner declares he’ll take America to war — but only then does he seek partners and only to find a “Coalition of the Unwilling.” The United Nations says no, the Arab League says no, China and Russia say no — even the United Kingdom says no (mainly because Brits did not want to have another U.S.-led war jammed down their throats).

.. Most of all , POOTUS does not and has not made the case for intervention in Syria . If you are going to request the people ‘ s representatives (the Congress) take action , it helps that someone makes the case to take action . For Bosnia , Clinton did . Bush 43 did so for Afghanistan and Iraq . Bush 41 did so for the Persian Gulf . Obama has not , and may not . He is that arrogant .

.. Of course a firm response is the correct action. POTUS has the legal authority , and the constitutional authority . But , what about the moral authority ? And Mr. Obama doesn’t need authority to do so in Syria, just as he didn’t in Libya. While Republican support on the Hill now would help Mr. Obama save face after his “red line” throw-down, striking Syria with a few cruise missiles — however fleeting and ineffectual that would be to the course of its 2-year-old civil war — also would send a signal to the real target: Iran. The question is what message is sent , and tho whom .

.. The GOP may well support POTUS . However , it will require an extensive rewrite of the resolution . And it will require an ability to come to terms with the War Powers Resolution . That’s why, most likely, Republicans will support the president after rewriting the White House’s draft resolution. Now, it is up to Mr. Obama’s own party: Does he still hold sway over Democrats? Will they bend to his will? Many already seem to be running for the hills. And if they don’t, will the president have the temerity to order strikes anyway?

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