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… As I put It [the War on Poverty] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,January 13th,2014

.. is a failure .

.. we have spent countless hundreds of billions of dollars on anti poverty programs , and what have we gotten ?

.. less than nothing …

.. [h/t]

.. to hear it put ideally , listen to one of Bill O ‘ Reilly ‘ s Talking Points Memos on the subject [link] ..

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… Big Shock [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,January 12th,2014

.. the OC have decided to end the contract for construction and management of the “” website and related stuff with CGI Canada …

.. It is about time . Considering how much money was overspent (or will be overspent) on the damn thing , the one thing that I am really surprised about is that it took this bloody long to cancel it .

.. At least they hired a pro outfit to pick up the pieces : Accenture . Why ? Accenture was the consulting arm of the old accounting firm Arthur Andersen & Co . They split off in the 1990s over the production of revenues and the division of profits . You can see what has happened since …

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… POTUS ‘ ” Promise ” Zones are a Joke …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,January 9th,2014

.. so what else is new ..

.. what they are are giveaways of oodles of government [read : taxpayer] $$ to areas that he designates .

.. What would really help is substantial tax and regulatory relief . These areas need private investment , not government aid , in order to grow and redevelop themselves into more economically tax – generating parts of the economy . They do not need to be economic ” pits ” where tax $$ go to disappear , forever …

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… Are the Citizens of SeaTac , Washington Crazy ?!?! [$15 min wage]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,January 2nd,2014

.. yes , you read it right .

.. last November , a bushelfull of insanity masquerading as a citizen ‘ s ballot initiative passed … but just barely .

.. it did several things , but the chief culprit was that it elevated the minimum wage in SeaTac , Washington [yes , it is a real city] to the amazingly astounding rate of $ 15 . 00 / hour .

.. yes , you read it right , again .

.. someone in that city get a book on the Basics of Economics [College – level is preferred] . It will help explain to those idiots the insanity of what they have just done …

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… there will be a Bailout of Insurance Companies …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,December 26th,2013

.. and it will burn the DemoCraps badly ..

.. you may wonder : how ? and why ? It is already written into the ObamaCrapCare bill . The feature in question is what is called ” risk corridors . ” Basically , if the insurance companies take on excessive amounts of risk , they will be compensated for it . It is in the law , already .

.. [h/t —
.. [link] to the article and video clip …

.. Boy , does that stink . The insurers got into bed with the ObamaCraps on this bill , and got a provision like this placed into the bill . it covers their financial backsides , so that they will not lose excessive amounts of money . They may not make much , though , but they will not lose their shirts , either . What is worse is that the C.B.O. ” scored ” this feature as having no net financial effect on the bill . Are you kidding ?

.. It will not have a net effect on the insurers . They will be contractually covered for any losses outside certain ” boundaries , ” or the ” risk corridors . ” Guess who it will screw , and badly ? Yep , the taxpayer , and Big Time ! Nice one , DemoCraps . You have given more ” bulletin board ” material to the G.O.P. . Duuuh !

.. the Insurance business does not come without risk . It is the way the thing operates . Well , it is the way it is supposed to operate . If an insurer misprices its risks , or does not invest its premiums well enough to smooth things out , well …. . It is supposed to go out of business , or at least go bankrupt , so someone else can take over its market and business . Those idiots got into bed with His Lordship and the rest of the Dems , so that they could protect themselves . Now , they look like a bunch of ” errand boys ” for POTUS and for H.H.S. . See what happens .

.. Those dummies may end up losing their shirts , anyway . Serves them right !

.. It may not have much effect at first , at least in 2014 . It will in 2015 , and become an anchor around the necks of the Dems in the 2016 Presidential campaign . An expensive one , at that …

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… the Latest ObamaCrapCare change …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,December 21st,2013

.. the one making so – called ” hardship exceptions ” to many people , is going to cause hell in the organization and finances of the exchanges ..

.. Worse yet , many of those exchanges (the ones that the states set up) are in blue states . So , these dummies have to pony up for the expansion of Medicaid AND the financial problems of the state exchanges , many or most of which are non – profits , with state charters …

.. These exchanges are going to go back to their respective states for more money , and there is going to be sticker shock on the amount . Doubly so with the Medicaid Bill . Expanding Medicaid as much as the ObamaCraps did is going to stick these states with one honey of a budgetary stomachache for the bill … the larger ones may survive , but the smaller ones will come hat in hand back to D.C. for help … and H.H.S. will have no legal authority to give them any $$ …

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… The Insurers Asked for This [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,December 14th,2013

.. guess what , they have got it .

.. They supported the bill when it was being considered . They were warned about the dangers of socialized medicine , down through the years . They ignored the warnings , and threw their lot in with the ObamaCraps . Guess What ?

.. It blew up in their face . The ObamaCraps are bullying them , and dictating to them as if they are a wholly – owned subsidiary of the government . They are not , as of yet . The ObamaCraps are behaving that way , and they continue to do so …

[h/t —]

.. [link] — to Dr. Krauthammer ‘ s commentary …

.. We are the losers , and will continue to lose . Until the great mass of the American people come to their senses , and smash the DemoCrap party to bits …

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… Gee , Where Do the Twentysomethings Land ? [ObamaCrapCare policies] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,December 3rd,2013

.. this is an interview with Kurt Kuehne , the C.E.O. of overnight shipper U.P.S. . He was appearing on CNBC ‘ s Squawk Box . He was explaining to the interviewer about the financial facts – of – life on ObamaCrapCare , where it applies to spouses …

.. [link] to the video . ..

.. Gee , I wonder . If spouses cannot stay on their opposite spouse ‘ s health insurance plan (especially under ObamaCrapCare) , then where do the twentysomethings go ? Supposely , they get to go somewhere …

.. The problem is where ? and How ?

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… Sticker Shock Panic [ObamaCrapCare]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,November 15th,2013

.. gee , these knuckleheads just might actually get that website working .[Doubtful !]

ABC correspondent Jake Tapper during a prime t...

… CNN ‘ s Jake Tapper … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.. I know , I doubt it , too . Even if they did , those dummies know they have an even bigger problem . Sticker Shock . And how . It is one that those subsidies can only mask so much for so long . Even they are not all that much , and the sequester is limiting them to a certain level , and to a certain segment of the population . So , the geniuses in the ObamaCrap Administration are sweating bricks , big time .

.. Why ? Watch this video segment [link] from CNN ‘ s The Lead with Jake Tapper , and you will see why ….

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… Banning ” Extraordinary Measures ” could reduce Default Risk [ShutDown Theatre] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,October 16th,2013

.. POTUS & Co are objecting to a measure that includes language  that the GOP is trying to restrict the Treasury’s ability to maneuver under the debt ceiling with a provision that could, counterintuitively, have the effect of reducing the possibility of a default in the future. House Republicans are considering legislation to raise the debt ceiling and fund the government that includes language banning the Treasury from using “extraordinary measures” to create headroom under the debt ceiling in the future.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has been using such measures, which include issuing IOUs to government employee retirement funds and shifting around government accounts, since the debt reached the statutory limit of $16.7 trillion in May. Lew has said that he will run out of the measures on Thursday, at which point he will be left with only cash and incoming revenues with which to pay the country’s bills.

.. His projection has been interpreted by many in the government and media as a hard deadline for avoiding a default on Treasury obligations. The actual hard deadline was May 31st , 2013 . The extraordinary measures have been used to manuveur around below the ceiling ,  since then .

.. People think that this October 17th is a hard deadline . Matter of fact , it is not . The Treasury likely has enough funds on hand to meet all its bills through October 22nd , at the earliest , or November 1st , at the latest, according to many calculations .

.. Confusion over when exactly the government faces default is hurting the Obama administration’s credibility, former Obama economic adviser Austan Goolsbee said last week. Goolsbee called it a “fuzziness problem”: The public doesn’t understand the timing of the default threat, even if they believe it’s a real threat. Removing the use of extraordinary measures might clear up that fuzziness.

.. Removing the ability of Treasury to maneuver under the debt ceiling for months at a time could mean that whatever day the Treasury hits the debt limit is a hard deadline. That, in turn, could decrease Congress’ willingness to push negotiations to the last minute.  Nevertheless, President Obama and Lew have objected to the GOP measure. Treasury officials under both Democratic and Republican presidents have used the maneuvers, and ending them would represent a transfer of power away from the executive branch.

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… Why Does Kathleen Sebelius Still Have a Job [Miss ObamaCrapCare !!]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,October 11th,2013

.. yes , Miss ObamaCrapCare !
.. Unlike the real world, where managers and employees are judged on results and held accountable for their performance . In

Official portrait of United States Health and ...

… Official portrait of United States Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Gilligan Sebelius … . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the case of FantasyLand by the Potomac (Washington, D.C.)., loyalty and partisanship almost always come first . Accountability comes later, if it ever does at all.

.. Accountability comes with embarassment . You embarass your political masters in public , and you can guess what happens ? You end up getting shown the door . Loyalty is usually a one – way street . Partisanship never is .

.. This happens in every administration , and Obama ’ s is no different . We have seen this with the fatal mistakes made regarding the Fast & Furious gun program , and in the assault on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. Democrats, claiming to see these as partisan witch hunts , designed to hurt the administration politically, circled the wagons. Obama stood loyally by Eric Holder and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

.. Loyalty is generally a good thing, in politics, as in life . It also helps to presume competence . But Kathleen Sebelius and the situation with her agency ’ s rollout of Obamacare is different.

.. Sebelius ’ department had over 3 years to prepare to implement ObamaCrapCare . No one ever suggested that commandeering one-sixth of the American economy would be an easy task. It is a next – to – impossible one(Many Republicans suggested the opposite and were dismissed as killjoys for their efforts.) But after the debacle of the last two weeks, liberals and Democrats—not conservatives or Republicans—should be calling for Sebelius’s head.

.. The administration’s handling of the implementation of Obamacare over the past three years has been a slow-moving train wreck: a mixture of embarrassing delays, hard-to-justify waivers, and assorted bad news about the unintended consequences of the law . Some of this was Sebelius’s fault, some of it was not. The crowning blunder came 10 days ago with the rollout of the website, the centerpiece of the administration’s effort to sign individuals up for coverage through the government-run health care exchanges that are at the heart of the legislation. To say this was vitally important to the overall success of the law is an understatement. It is the aspect of Obamacare that the president himself has said is utterly essential—and backed up those words by letting the federal government shut down rather that give in to Republican demands to gut it. Nonetheless, its premiere was a giant flop – and Kathleen Sebelius is responsible.

.. The cost of the government ‘ s website is an outrage . It was supposed to cost only $75 million . The current cost of the site is $650 million … and counting . This is more than LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Spotify , put togeth . It has been a disaster from the get-go, freezing, crashing, and locking people out.

.. Does the ObamaCrap crowd have an excuse ? Sure …. but , as usual , it is a lie . The administration’s line is that the website was overwhelmed by surprisingly strong demand, which they cast as a good thing . Yea , right …. Programmers who peeked under the hood of the website scoffed at that assertion, saying that the site was so poorly constructed, so full of glitches , and full of bugs in the code that it could never have supported even the most modest of traffic levels. Some of that code was actually caused by spelling errors in Javascript.

.. It is industry Web standard that you test your creation , inside at out , for any and all forseeable possibilities . As many dry runs as one can budget for are done , to make sure the creation works , and to find the kinks . Even the Obama for America campaign did so for its own campaign websites , as well as its campaign ops . Did HHS ? Nooooooo. Worse still, despite repeated warnings about the deficiency of the site, it apparently was not even taken out for a test drive before the administration launched the thing.

.. “It wasn’t designed well, it wasn’t implemented well, and it looks like nobody tested it,” database programmer Luke Chung told CBS. “I would be ashamed and embarrassed if my organization delivered something like that.” The website remains a mess to this day, and even though Sebelius has issued repeated assurances her team is working around the clock to get it fixed, serious damage has already been done. According to one estimate, just 51,000 people in the entire United States were able to complete applications on the site during the first week.

.. When the Obama administration someone on the liberal side , such as Jon Stewart , you know you have a serious problem . Right now , things are bad. Supporters of Obamacare have a right to be furious with Sebelius. Her agency’s bungling has created a colossal disaster , and has put POTUS ‘ signature achievement, and his legacy, at risk.

.. The GOP is fond of saying that government would work much better if it were run like a business. Any corporation that allowed a COO (or these days , a CTO (or Chief Technology Officer) to mismanage a new product line as important to its image as the Affordable Care Act is to Obama ‘ s would be contemplating their severance package … at best . Most likely , they would be heading out the door … Rapidly !

.. The fact that Republicans haven’t called for Sebelius’ scalp should tell Democrats all they need to know about how much conservatives think she is hurting Obamacare’s cause . The GOP would rather have her stay in place , as a signature of the law . Many political gains can be made off of her disastrous creation . If the president cares about rescuing his signature policy initiative, he should consider putting it under new management right away.

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… Those Union Protests in Las Vegas are Sick …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,October 11th,2013

.. what i am referring to are Culinary Workers union protests at one of the largest non – union hotels that is left in the region . The Cosmopolitan is a large hotel , around [2,995] rooms , and it is owned by , of all people , Deutche Bank . Originally , Hyatt Hotels (the Pritzker family company) was going to build this monster , but the 2008 recession scuttled the plans . DB bought  the hotel / condo / parking garage / casino complex for around $1.2 billion .  .

.. Casinos are a big business . Ohio now has casino gambling , although the effect of the business is limited . There is no casino competition in Ohio . There are only 4 casinos , one each in Cleveland , Toledo , Columbus , and Cincinnati . Caesars owns and manages 2 ,  while Hollwood owns and manages the other 2 .

.. In Ohio , like the other states , casino gambling is tightly regulated . Ohio patterned its regulatory setup after New Jersey , where the regulatory setup is generally considered to be the best in the country . Right now , casino gambling in Ohio is set in the state ‘ s  constitution , so it will not grow for quite some time . In other states , it is quite different .

.. In Nevada , the casino industry is huge . Las Vegas is the nation ‘ s and the world ‘ s casino gambling capital .  Any gambling – related company that is anyone is there in Nevada . The size of the casinos . Geez whiz ! . They are as large as (the second coming) of the MGM – Grand , with over , you heard me right , [xx] rooms . Wow !

.. It will not be easy for the Culinary Workers . Most of the city ‘ s casino workers [porters , dealers , service , etc] are members of one union or another . However , the Culinary (Food Service) Workers are the largest and the most influential .  They are , like most  unions , heavily DemoCrap – leaning .  No big surprise there .

.. However , Nevada is unlike other states . Nevada has a significant – sized Latino community , and it is growing still . However , Clark County , in which Las Vegas sits , has resumed growing like crazy after the 2008-2011 recession . It is also , unlike the People ‘ s Republic of Taxifornia , much more Republican – leaning . Dean Heller , a Republican , is one of the U.S. Senator (with Dingy Harry Reid being the other) . Governor Brian Sandoval , a latino Republican , and former federal district court judge , is leading the way .

.. Nevada is a right – to – work state , but its efects are limited . A stronger right – to – work law would be very , very helpful . It will take a GOP legislature to do that . That would be nice . Also , it would take some balls among the casino hotel companies to stand up to the union thuggery . Once they do , their hold on the industry will be broken  , and done so for good …

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… Janet Yellen ‘ s Fed Nomination is …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,October 10th,2013

.. an absolute disaster . Clear and Simple …

.. Now that Janet Yellen has been named to lead the Federal Reserve , the global financial markets should factor out any possibility that the Fed will diminish their Quantitative Easing program anytime during her tenure . In fact , financial forecasts should assume that not only is a taper off the table, but that the QE program is now more likely to be perpetuated and expanded . That fact is in and of itself a disaster .

.. Unlike her predecessors,  Janet Yellen has never had a youthful dalliance with hawkish monetary ideas. Before taking charge of

In 1935, Cret designed the Seal of the Board o...

In 1935, Cret designed the Seal of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the Fed both Alan Greenspan , and to a lesser extent Ben Bernanke , had advocated for the benefits of a strong currency and low inflation . Both had warned of the dangers of overly accommodative policy and unnecessary stimulus. (Both largely abandoned these ideals once they took the reins of power , but their urge to stimulate may have been restrained by a vestigial bias against the excesses of Keynesianism). Janet Yellen , who has been on the liberal/dovish end of the monetary spectrum for her entire professional career, has no such baggage. As a result, we can expect her to never waver in her belief that stimulus is the answer to every economic question . When it is not .

.. Private Sector “stimulus” is the answer to our problems ; government “stimulus is not . Government stimulus means more taxation , more spending , more debt , and a fiscal disaster . Private sector “stimulus,” ie , a favourable investment climate , more favourable tax rates , and lower taxes , is what is needed most of all . The geniuses like Yellen think jobs can be invented out of whole cloth . It does not work that way . You will get demand , but you must have a strong currency ,  and supply – side investment incentives . The Keynesians have had their day . Their arguments have been a failure ,  every time they have they have been tried .

.. You look at things now , and we are somewhat lucky . Things overseas are much worse …

.. The Federal Reserve was originally charged with the single mandate of maintaining price stability . Along with it comes the stability of the financial system , and of the currency . Unfortunately , then came Humphrey – Hawkins Full Employment Act in 1977 . In recent decades that mission evolved into a dual mandate of seeking price stability and full employment . Eventually , H – H will have to go . Once it does , then the Fed can dip its toe (sometimes) into the arena of economic management . It does has some levers , but that stuff is best left to the remainder of the Government …

.. I believe that a Yellen – led Fed will return once again to a single mandate , but it will now focus only on employment . That could not be more wrong . Worse yet , it can and will be dangerous . Based on her clear beliefs in the ability of dovish monetary policy to relive human suffering she will be inclined to dig in her heels into the ongoing QE program more than anyone else President Obama may have appointed . This is terrible news for the U.S. dollar and the U.S. economy.

.. For now at least the crisis in Washington has squelched any immediate discussion of a taper in the remaining months of 2013. Any predictions that a Yellen-led Fed will somehow show more resolve towards responsibility in 2014 or 2015 should be looked at as delusional . Unfortunately , it will take a Burns – type collapse to get rid of her (with her resignation) ,  and then a Republican President can appoint a hard money hardcase to clean up the mess  …

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… Outrageous ! [NPS ShutDown tactics] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,October 10th,2013

… this one is courtesy of CBN News . The link to the video is [here] .

… these folks are running businesses . They have a right to operate . The National Park Service is the landlord , and they own the building . However , it does not entitle them to behave like a bunch of goons . These folks have a right to be in business , without the harassment of their landlord , ie. the Feds , trying to run them out of business during the shutdown …

…YORKTOWN, Va. — The shutdown of Washington has now become the battle of Yorktown.

In the same place where America fought its final battle of independence, one American businessman is refusing to bow to pressure to close up shop during the shutdown.

His story is just one example of what many view as the Obama administration’s widespread overreach during the government gridlock.

‘Battle of Yorktown’

Glenn Helseth loves serving up good food at his Carrot Tree Kitchens Restaurant in historic Yorktown — something he’s been doing for the past 11 years. But the government shutdown recently forced the eatery to close its doors.

The National Park Service owns the building he uses, so Helseth was ordered to move out within 48 hours when the government shutdown began last week.

“I was called about 9 o’clock Tuesday morning, Oct. 1,” Helseth told CBN News. “I was told I had three hours to vacate my restaurant. I was shocked and called back to say I can’t quite possibly do that.”

He was granted a three-day stay but eventually closed the restaurant. A week later, in defiance of government orders, he reopened for business. He knows the move was risky, but he considered it well worthwhile.

“I’m willing to go to jail for this,” Helseth said. “If the Parks Service wants to put me in jail because I want to honor the terms of my contract, well, I suppose they have that right.”

He says he can’t understand why he should have to close his business — something he says would hurt his bottom line.

“This is October. This is our busiest month of the year. I need October to make my year,” Helseth explained.

He also points out that during the shutdown he was still obligated to pay other expenses for the facility.

“I’m paying for the insurance on this building,” he said. “While it’s closed I’m paying for the utilities on this building. I’m paying for the security system that is protecting this building and I cannot use this building.”

His employees’ welfare is also a big concern.

“My staff is not getting any back pay,” Helseth continued. “My people aren’t getting paid for the days we missed. I need to look out for the welfare of my staff.”

Supporters Lining Up

As evidenced by the lines outside the Carrot Tree, the actions of the restaurant owner have ignited a firestorm of support, with many calling it the new battle of Yorktown.

“We’re the little man against the big government,” said supporter Lindsay Munce. “He owns a business and supports workers and he did what was right and could cause him a personal sacrifice.”

Another supporter, Williamsburg, Va., resident Heather Harmon, agreed.

“If he gets fined I’ll be the first one on the front line raising the money to pay for his fines for him,” she said. “I think it’s remarkable what he’s doing — it takes guts.”

Robert Waring of Virginia Beach, Va., says he believes the government’s treatment of Helseth is illegal.

“He’s got a lease with the government to run a business that doesn’t require Park Service to be present,” he reasoned. “They don’t work here — all he has to do is open his doors and do business.”

‘Gestapo’ Tactics

In addition to the controversy with Helseth, the National Park Service has been involved in several other incidents that have outraged Americans. For instance, the Obama administration has closed public areas that stayed open in past shutdowns.

Rangers locked a tour group, including senior citizens and foreign visitors, in a hotel as they visited Yellowstone National Park when the shutdown began.

The tour guide told the local newspaper, the Livingston Enterprise, that the Park Service used “Gestapo tactics.”

The service told Bruce O’Connell to close his inn and restaurant, the Pisgah Inn. It sits on federal land on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. Initially, he complied but then re-opened it. But the service closed him down — with armed rangers.

One angry Park Service ranger in Washington told the Washington Times, “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”

The Weekly Standard said, “The conduct of the National Park Service over the last week might be the biggest scandal of the Obama administration.”

Congressional Republicans say they’re getting numerous reports on the matter and will investigate. CBN News contacted the National Park Service for an interview but the calls were not returned.

Meanwhile, Helseth has the following message for those in Washington.

“Please settle your issues so we can continue going about our business. That’s all I want to do,” he said. I want to do what we were meant to do — if I can do so now while you all continue squabbling, me alone, to sell my carrot cake.”

Helseth runs a second restaurant in Jamestown that was also forced to close.

LEC here again — may God Bless you Glenn Helseth , and hopefully you will win your battle , and the “war” …

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… Gotcha ! [Moody s Investors Services Shutdown & Default memo news]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,October 9th,2013

… exactly as I thought ! …

… and this financial opinion comes from a professional financial firm …

.. SecTreas and POTUS were / are lying ..

..  Moody’s says that the U.S. Treasury Department can continue paying interest on the government’s debt even if Congress fails to raise the debt limit, preserving the nation’s sterling AAA credit rating.

.. In a memo being circulated on Capitol Hill Wednesday, Moody’s Investors Service offers “answers to frequently asked questions” about the government shutdown, now in its second week, and the federal debt limit. President Obama has said that, unless Congress acts to raise the $16.7 trillion limit by next Thursday, the nation will be at risk of default.

.. ” We believe the government would continue to pay interest and principal on its debt even in the event that the debt limit is not raised, leaving its creditworthiness intact,” the memo says. “The debt limit restricts government expenditures to the amount of its incoming revenues; it does not prohibit the government from servicing its debt. There is no direct connection between the debt limit (actually the exhaustion of the Treasury’s extraordinary measures to raise funds) and a default.

The Moody’s memo goes on to argue that the situation is actually much less serious than in 2011, when the nation last faced a pitched battle over the debt limit.

“The budget deficit was considerably larger in 2011 than it is currently, so the magnitude of the necessary spending cuts needed after 17 October is lower now than it was then,” the memo says.

Treasury Department officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

.. LEC again — Busted !! … Those idiots got caught in the act . Moodys , S&P (Standard & Poor s) , and others have done this stuff for centuries . They know their business , they do thorough research (legal & financial) , and know what they are talking about . I figured that something like this would emerge , but not from which firm , or when .

.. They want to protect their backers ‘  fannies . Also , their subscribers value this kind of info . It is what they are in this business for .

.. POTUS and SecTreas (Lew) should have known better . They have , or should have had , top legal minds to tell them this stuff . They went out , and lied about it , anyway ….

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… Jack Lew , You are a Poor Steward [of the Nation ‘ s Finances] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,October 7th,2013

.. worse yet , you are a liar ..

.. if you know , or you knew , that we (our government) were going to  hit our national credit card limit , then you should have kept a large cash reserve … a much larger cash reserve …

.. also , you shut down parts of the government , until you get a raise in the limit on the national credit card ….

.. you also should be impeached , if there is a default . The decision is yours , and that of POTUS . No one else ‘ s . While part of the government is shut down , you pay the other bills , including the interest and the principal on the national debt …

.. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew appeared on five major talk shows Sunday morning to try to press House Republicans on the next

fiscal debate — raising the debt ceiling before an Oct. 17 deadline when the nation is expected to exhaust its borrowing authority.

Jack Lew - Caricature

Jack Lew – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

“It would be like somebody saying I ran up my credit card and I decided not to pay it. You can’t do that,” Lew said on FNC ‘ s Fox News Sunday . “The United States is just too important to the world. Our currency is the world’s reserve currency.”

If Congress fails to act before mid-October, the United States government would default for the first time in history.

After Oct. 17, the government would be left with about $30 billion — an amount Lew says “won’t last long.”

“I can’t tell you,” he said. “We’ve never gotten to this point. We’ve never gotten to the point where the United States government has operated without the ability to borrow. It’s very dangerous. It’s reckless, because the reality is, there are no good choices if we run out of borrowing capacity and we run out of cash.”

Lew reiterated that President Barack Obama does not have the authority to raise the debt ceiling — eve though some Democratic lawmakers have called for him to act unilaterally.

“There is a desire here for there to be some kind of a magic solution,” he said on CNN. “There is an easy solution. A majority in Congress would do the right thing if given a chance to vote to open the government. A majority in Congress would do the right thing if given a chance to let us pay our bills. Congress needs to work, they need to do their job, but the majority needs to be given a chance.”

Last week, Lew released a six-page report on the dangers of default, part of a campaign to pressure House Republicans to vote to raise the debt ceiling before the Oct. 17 deadline.

“The United States has never defaulted on its obligations, and the U S. dollar and Treasury securities are at the center of the international financial system,” according to the report. “A default would be unprecedented and has the potential to be catastrophic: credit markets could freeze, the value of the dollar could plummet, U.S. interest rates could skyrocket, the negative spillovers could reverberate around the world, and there might be a financial crisis and recession that could echo the events of 2008 or worse.”

The report says that even the possibility of a default could roil financial markets and damage the economy with sharp declines in household wealth, increases in the cost of financing for businesses and households and a fall in private-sector confidence. It says that if the government shutdown drags on, it could make the U.S. economy even more susceptible to the adverse effects from a debt ceiling impasse than it was prior to the shutdown.

In 2011, according to the senior Treasury officials, just the possibility of potential default led to substantial effects on the U.S. economy.

On FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Lew said the government shutdown, now in its sixth day, was causing “real damage to the American people.”

The partial shutdown of the federal government for the first time in nearly two decades has furloughed 800,000 employees, shuttered monuments and parks and cut off some services.

“They need to do their job,'” Lew said on FOX. “They need to open the government.”

Lew said Obama wants to negotiate with House Republicans, but reiterated what the president has said all week — that he will not do that until after they re-open the government at current spending levels. “The president wants to negotiate,” he said.

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… What a Dictatorial , Ecosocialist Witch …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,September 23rd,2013

.. I am referring to that ecosocialist Gina McCarthy , the so – called administrator of the EcoSocialist Propaganda Agency . What an arrogant witch !

.. this is a [link] to a buzzfeed article , one in which McCarthy claims that it is the economics of the industry , not the regulations that she is proposing , that is the problem with the coal industry .

.. for lack of daintyness , B – U – L – L – S – H – I – T !!!!

.. it is the dramatic and drastic ecosocialistic environmental regulations that you and your minions are attempting or have imposed on the industry right now . Coal is an effective and efficient means of generating electricity . What would help is a patriotic and non – socialistic Presidential administration in Washington . Also , it would help if the coal companies and the utilities would have a fair shake in the regulatory process , not the “sue and settle” stacked deck that attempts to impose grossly unfair regulations , without the required amount of due process in the government one would normally expect and deserves .

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… Earth to POTUS : Open Your Ears ! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,September 19th,2013

.. in a speech at the Business Roundtable , POTUS said that raising the debt ceiling does not raise the debt . Well , guess what , POTUS ?

.. [link] ..

.. Oh , yes it does , you damn fool . What do you think those $1 trillion plus deficits the last couple of years are for , you bloody idiot . The debt ceiling prevents you from doing so . Raising it allows you to continue to do so . Get with the program …

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… Bad News For POTUS , Worse News for the Economy …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,September 19th,2013

.. Well , the Fed met today , and released its policy statement . Better to give it to you , and then tell you what it really means …

Here is the statement the Federal Reserve released Wednesday after its two-day
policy meeting:

Information received since the Federal Open Market
Committee met in July suggests that economic activity has been expanding at a

In 1935, Cret designed the Seal of the Board o...

In 1935, Cret designed the Seal of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

moderate pace. Some indicators of labor market conditions have shown further
improvement in recent months, but the unemployment rate remains

Household spending and business fixed investment advanced, and
the housing sector has been strengthening, but mortgage rates have risen further
and fiscal policy is restraining economic growth. Apart from fluctuations due to
changes in energy prices, inflation has been running below the Committee’s
longer-run objective, but longer-term inflation expectations have remained

Consistent with its statutory mandate, the Committee seeks to
foster maximum employment and price stability. The Committee expects that, with
appropriate policy accommodation, economic growth will pick up from its recent
pace and the unemployment rate will gradually decline toward levels the
Committee judges consistent with its dual mandate.

The Committee sees the
downside risks to the outlook for the economy and the labor market as having

Official portrait of Federal Reserve Chairman ...

Official portrait of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

diminished, on net, since last fall, but the tightening of financial conditions
observed in recent months, if sustained, could slow the pace of improvement in
the economy and labor market.

The Committee recognizes that inflation
persistently below its 2 percent objective could pose risks to economic
performance, but it anticipates that inflation will move back toward its
objective over the medium term.

Taking into account the extent of federal
fiscal retrenchment, the Committee sees the improvement in economic activity and
labor market conditions since it began its asset purchase program a year ago as
consistent with growing underlying strength in the broader

However, the Committee decided to await more evidence that
progress will be sustained before adjusting the pace of its purchases.
Accordingly, the Committee decided to continue purchasing additional agency
mortgage-backed securities at a pace of $40 billion per month and longer-term
Treasury securities at a pace of $45 billion per month. The Committee is
maintaining its existing policy of reinvesting principal payments from its
holdings of agency debt and agency mortgage-backed securities in agency
mortgage-backed securities and of rolling over maturing Treasury securities at

Taken together, these actions should maintain downward pressure
on longer-term interest rates, support mortgage markets, and help to make
broader financial conditions more accommodative, which in turn should promote a
stronger economic recovery and help to ensure that inflation, over time, is at
the rate most consistent with the Committee’s dual mandate.

The Committee
will closely monitor incoming information on economic and financial developments
in coming months and will continue its purchases of Treasury and agency
mortgage-backed securities, and employ its other policy tools as appropriate,
until the outlook for the labor market has improved substantially in a context
of price stability.

In judging when to moderate the pace of asset
purchases, the Committee will, at its coming meetings, assess whether incoming
information continues to support the Committee’s expectation of ongoing
improvement in labor market conditions and inflation moving back toward its
longer-run objective. Asset purchases are not on a preset course, and the
Committee’s decisions about their pace will remain contingent on the Committee’s
economic outlook as well as its assessment of the likely efficacy and costs of
such purchases.

To support continued progress toward maximum employment
and price stability, the Committee today reaffirmed its view that a highly
accommodative stance of monetary policy will remain appropriate for a
considerable time after the asset purchase program ends and the economic
recovery strengthens. In particular, the Committee decided to keep the target
range for the federal funds rate at 0 to 1/4 percent and currently anticipates
that this exceptionally low range for the federal funds rate will be appropriate
at least as long as the unemployment rate remains above 6-1/2 percent, inflation
between one and two years ahead is projected to be no more than a half
percentage point above the Committee’s 2 percent longer-run goal, and
longer-term inflation expectations continue to be well anchored.

determining how long to maintain a highly accommodative stance of monetary
policy, the Committee will also consider other information, including additional
measures of labor market conditions, indicators of inflation pressures and
inflation expectations, and readings on financial developments. When the
Committee decides to begin to remove policy accommodation, it will take a
balanced approach consistent with its longer-run goals of maximum employment and
inflation of 2 percent.

Voting for the FOMC monetary policy action were:
Ben S. Bernanke, Chairman; William C. Dudley, Vice Chairman; James Bullard;
Charles L. Evans; Jerome H. Powell; Eric S. Rosengren; Jeremy C. Stein; Daniel
K. Tarullo; and Janet L. Yellen. Voting against the action was Esther L. George,
who was concerned that the continued high level of monetary accommodation
increased the risks of future economic and financial imbalances and, over time,
could cause an increase in long-term inflation expectations.

.. Bad news for POTUS . The lack of any economic progress on the fiscal front is no good for POTUS . He needs for there to be concrete and definitative progress on the budget , and on taxes . Oh , on taxes , it does not mean more tax increases . That would be a definite downer for the economy .

.. The economy needs stimulus . What it needs is private sector stimulus , not government stimulus . In particular , the economy most definitely DOES NOT need more government spending . There has been enough growth in government spending in the last 5 to 6 years as it is . Nothing has been done on entitlements . And the financial markets know it . They expect that something needs to be done , that something must be done , and there is no leadership coming out of the ObamaCrap White House . They also know that they will not get any concrete leadership out of Obama . He is a weak – kneed wus , who has no comprehension of the word ” leadership . ”

.. The economy does not need political hot air . It does not need a President who has a bad case of diarheaa of the mouth , as POTUS seems to have . It needs a good swift kick of investment stimulus . Ideally , it should get a good dose of supply – side tax cuts , especially a sliding – scale  of capital gains tax cuts . The investment markets need to understand  that the United States is truly open for business . It may take a Republican blowout to get the message fully , if President Obama is truly that dense .

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… It is Bombs Away !! [Employees to Exchanges] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,September 18th,2013

.. The employers can do the math …

cost of administering health insurance (incl. health ins. itself)
less : ObamaCrapCare fine
financial gain from dumping employees into the
ObamaCrapCare Exchanges

.. The dummies set the fines for dumping people into the exchanges far too low . if those idiots had been thinking , they would have set the fees for the “fines” for putting employees into the exchanges at a far higher level , and then index them to inflation . Now , those dummies are reaping the fruits of the consequences , not thinking about how the market would react to ObamaCrapCare . Thus , the law of unintended consequences continues to strike .

.. You add that , onto the reductions in working hours because of ObamaCrapCare , you get what is happening now . It was eminently and easily forseeable . If only those markets understood the markets , and how that they really worked . But nooooooooo …. . Nice going , Dumb – Dumbs !!

.. Also , the ObamaCraps had publically run exchanges in mind . They would be ones run by the states themselves , or by regional entities , or by non – profits . What  they did not want and did not expect was that there would be for –  profit exchanges out there .

.. Also , Walgreens is doing this by what is  called “defined contribution.” A defined contribution (D.C.) plan basically lets the insured have their choice of insured plans , in this case within the privately – run exchange that Walgreens has chosen for them . Also , Walgreens is attempting to limit their health insurance exposure . The “fine” for non – participation is so loooow that it is worth it to them to have the employees go to the privately run exchange for their health insurance choices . The D.C. helps protect them from the increasing cost of medicine by going  to this privately – run for – profit exchange .

.. Quite clever by Walgreens . And not what the ObamaCraps had in mind …

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… Waaaaah !! [Labour Leader , on ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,September 14th,2013

.. the loons on the left were in conclave at the AFL-CIO convention , recently . The one fellow , who is the General President of the Laborers International Union of North America , or L.I.U.N.A. , put it very bluntly [clip] in putting the jackhammer to ObamaCrapCare …

.. You idiots wanted this stuff . You never even thought about the consequences of it . Now , when the tire hits the road , and you knucleheads see the unintended consequences of ObamaCrapCare , you want , or try to get special treatment , while the rest of us are stuck with it . Tough cookies . When the ObamaCraps finally admit defeat , and evetually they will have to (once the political cost continues to rise , sky high) , they will  finally have to deal with the Republicans . It will be likely with a united GOP House and GOP – controlled Sentate . You reap what you sow ! …

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… These Cities should try Studying Constitutional Law [Richmond , CA ]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,September 12th,2013

.. it is abundantly obvious that by their actions , the city fathers of Richmond , California , have not . They have chosen to completely ignore California ‘ s constitution , as well as the U.S. Constitution .

.. These numbskulls want to intervene in a private proceeding : that being between a homeowner and their mortgage banker . The mortgage in question is what is called “underwater,” or that the value of the home is less than that of the relevant mortgage . What the city wants to do is seize it , take it away from the bank [forcing it to take a loss] , and work through another private party (with political connections , of course) to issue the homeowner a new mortgage at a reduced value , thus placing the mortgage possibly “above water.” The issuer would be the new holder , and would make a killing from the added interest , plus the added fees . nice stunt .

.. No , not so nice . These mortgages would not be “insured” into the secondary market , so that the issuer could get money to try to repeat the stunt . The city of Richmond obviously does not have the scratch , and is being used for its use of its eminent domain power . How gross of an abuse of power do you all think that this is ?

.. Big time . The banks are not all that popular , I will grant you that . That is for sure . They are considered people , and their investors are most certainly people . These folks have rights , and their constitutional rights have been damaged . The courts are real lunatic out there in CA , but they are not that loonie , at least that I would think . Also , the U.S. Supreme Court would come down on them , and hard . There is no way in hell that this action would stand .

.. from Bloomberg News …

Richmond Eminent Domain Plan Goes to Court Showdown

            By Karen Gullo –             Sep 12, 2013

BlackRock Inc. (BLK), Pacific Investment Management Co., DoubleLine Capital LP and other bondholders are asking a court to block a proposal by Richmond, California, to seize underwater mortgages through eminent domain.

With this week’s vote by Richmond’s city council to press ahead with an effort its mayor claims will help homeowners avoid foreclosure and fend off blight, the dispute between the northern California oil refinery town and Wall Street moved today to the federal courthouse in San Francisco.

U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer is hearing arguments from both sides on whether to order the city to halt efforts to use eminent domain to take over loans. He will also consider the city’s request to find that the bondholders went to court prematurely and dismiss their claims because the city council hasn’t approved the plan.

A ruling favoring bondholders, who sued the city through their bank trustees, would dissuade other cities from following in Richmond’s footsteps, said Dan Schechter, a law professor at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. A decision for Richmond won’t encourage other municipalities to follow suit because it wouldn’t deal directly with the merits of bondholders’ claims that the Richmond plan is unconstitutional, he said.

“The court will hold that no injunctive relief is available at this time. That doesn’t mean the bondholders are without remedy,” Schechter said by phone. “If no injunction is issued, it would preserve the status quo.”

Troubled Mortgages

The city council voted at about 2 a.m. yesterday to move forward with a program to reduce the principal on troubled mortgages. Under the plan proposed by Steven Gluckstern’s Mortgage Resolution Partners LLC, the city would seize the loans and refinance them, providing borrowers with built-in equity, to avert foreclosures.

San Francisco-based Mortgage Resolution Partners would provide services and arrange for private investment funds that would profit by buying the loans for less than property values.

The company is shopping around the plan to several communities; Richmond is the only one to pursue the plan, City Manager Bill Lindsay told the council Sept. 10.

The city’s plan violates constitutional protections for private contracts, interstate commerce and the taking of private property for public use without just compensation, according to complaints filed by Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC), Deutsche Bank AG and Bank of New York Mellon Corp. (BK) on behalf of investors that hold bonds backed by the Richmond mortgages.

Banks’ Attorney

“If Richmond is allowed to proceed, other local governments would likely follow suit, with the result that losses across residential mortgage backed securities trusts and their investors would exceed billions of dollars,” Rocky Tsai, an attorney for the banks, said in a court filing.

The Wells Fargo lawsuit is “harassment,” and an injunction should be rejected because the city council hasn’t voted to use eminent domain, and even if it did, the banks could fight back in the court that will decide matters in the seizure proceeding, Scott Kronland, an attorney for the city, said in court filings.

“The parade of horribles the banks invoke are unfounded,”he said.

The cases are Wells Fargo Bank v. City of Richmond, 13-3663, and Bank of New York Mellon v. City of Richmond, 13-3664, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California (San Francisco).

To contact the reporter on this story: Karen Gullo in San Francisco at

To contact the editor responsible for this story: Michael Hytha at

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… Congrats to Tony Abbott [new Australian PM] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,September 8th,2013

.. hot dog ! ..

.. Tony Abbott and the Liberal / National Party Coalition [the Tories] have won an overwhelming election mandate , and have been returned to power after a very long abscence from power .

.. Abbott ‘ s Coalition has appeared to have won 91 or 92 seats in the Australian House of Representatives . It represents an approximate 33 or 34 seat majority in that body . Australia ‘ s Parliament looks in form somewhat like our U.S. Congress , but its function is that of a Westminster parliament , or similar to the Britain . Its Senate control is divided , only because one – healf of the seats were up .

.. Abbott is right . Australia is indeed , open for business once again . If the Aussie Laborites and the Greens are not careful , Abbott could force the Govenour General [Australia ‘ s nominal head of state] to have a “double dissolution ” of both house. It would then put all 150 House seats and 76 Senate seats up at once , and Labour would be to blame .

.. Australia ‘ s hated “carbon tax” will survive , at least for now . Unless Labour is nuts , they will support the new Government , and vote for repeal . Playing political “chicken” with a newly elected and apparantely very popular PM is a really dumb idea . We shall see …

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… the “Young Millenials” are Needed to Co-Operate [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,August 22nd,2013

.. what do you think they are , crazy , or that they are stupid ?!?!

.. For ObamaCrapCare to work (that is , courtesy of “community rating” , which lowers the cost threshold for older folks) , it will take quite a few younger folks to enroll in OCC (my short form for you-know-what) in order for it to work . Why ?

.. A couple of things . The Baby Boomers are starting to retire . In huge numbers . And there are nowhere near as many of the number of Millenials as there area Boomers . So , the Millenials are needed . Community Rating flattens out the insurance cost curve for many , but not for the Millenials . in order to entice many , insurance with many , many , many requirements (mandates) is required . In effect , near – Cadillac style health care . Which ain’t cheap . With the flattening of the cost – curve , the mandates , and the numbers of the boomers , the Millenials are needed in large numbers .

Slight Problem ?

.. Oh , Yea . The penalty for the individual mandate is waaaay to low . Because of that , many Millenials will not likely enroll , sending the premiums for those who do (on up the age scale) soaring .

.. Thus , the “Death Spiral” for the Exchanges . Why do those dummies that come up with these ideas study certain subjects , such as :

[-] Economics ,

[=] the Law of Unintended Consequences ,

[=] the Laws of Supply and Demand , and

[-] the ideals of Human Nature …

… try # stooopid !!!!

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… Liberals loathe Freedom , love Dependency …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,August 22nd,2013

.. If you have been reading liberal websites and news stories lately (I do, and I encourage you to do so , too ) you’ve probably noticed an all-out assault on Walmart and its allegedly low compensation. Note that these critics are often the same ones asking for more government in Americans’ daily lives.

.. An article on AlterNet Wednesday, for example, bore the title “Walmart’s latest ploy to replace the middle class with an underclass forced to buy its short-lived, shoddy goods,” and focused on the retailing giant’s “Buy America” pledge. The numbers behind that pledge sound good but lack substance, according to the article. Come to think of it, that sounds like a lot of bills in Congress.

.. The title certainly illustrates the thinking behind the Walmart hate, but it also raises this question: If these critics on the left are so concerned about people being dependent on Walmart, why aren’t they equally concerned about people being dependent on government  ?

.. Searching AlterNet for “government dependence” brings up multiple items denouncing Republicans for talking about dependence. A search for “food stamps” brings up legions of items denouncing Republicans for daring to suggest cutting $4 billion a year from a program that already spends over $70 billion a year. Similar results were found for “welfare,” “Medicaid,” and “Medicare.”

.. Searching for these terms on ThinkProgress and Mother Jones is no different. ThinkProgress even praised North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory for vetoing a bill that would have mandated drug testing for welfare recipients (no-questions-asked dependence?).

Perhaps the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Sean Hackbarth summed it up best, writing “Business = evil. Government = benevolent. #LiberalLogic” on Twitter.

.. At least one can understand why these idiots do not like freedom and liberty . They would rather be tethered to the government “teat” than be independent and self – sustaining and on their own . They would rather have people dependent on these government programs in perpetuity instead of treating them as they were originally intended : as an assist to regain one ‘  s footing in life .

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… I Disagree . It is not the Fed ‘ s Job to Worry about Whether the Economy is Strong Enough …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,August 17th,2013

.. The Federal Reserve cannot totally ignore what is going on in the economy . Howevery , they have to safeguard the system , not micromanage it .

.. The Federal Reserve ‘ s tasks are multi – faceted . Yes , they have to think about what is going on in the economy . It is , however , not the primary or principal job . They need to safeguard the stability and sanity of the system , namely the finanicail system itself .

.. They deal primarily with monetary policy . They focus on the means of exchange (gold , sometimes , most often , the currency) , ie, the dollar , and how the system operater. They can fine – tune the system , or tinker with it . They do have some say – so in fiscal policy . However , fiscal policy is the principal province of POTUS and Congress . The Fed can sometimes anticipate what they may or may not do , but they should not have to take the lead . When they do , it means the principal actors have failed at their job .

.. What caused me to comment on this is this article for . One of their commentators , Joel Naroff , does not think that the economy is strong enough for the economy to take “tapering” of Quantitative Easing . To Be honest , whether it is or not is not their concern . Whether QE is complete is the prime concern .

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… Oh , You Said that ObamaCrapCare Would not lead to Single – Payer ? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,August 12th,2013

from the Washington Examiner : …

..NPR’s Steve Inskeep pressed for more clarity. “Can you say flat out it’s just never going to be single-payer health insurance and we’re going to try to write it if we can so that it won’t ever be?” he asked.

..“Oh, I think – I think that’s very much the case,” Sebelius replied. “And again, if you want anybody to convince people of that, talk to the single-payer proponents, who are furious that the single payer idea is not part of the discussion.”

.. That’s not true , according to “Dingy Harry ” Reid. “What we’ve done with Obamacare is have a step in the right direction, but we’re far from having something that’s going to work forever,” he said on “Nevada Week in Review” on Friday evening, before saying that the United States needs to develop a single-payer plan. “Yes, yes. Absolutely, yes.”

.. It figures . She is a notorious liar . And , good ol ‘ Dingy Harry is worse . The “public option” that those numb – nuts wanted to include is basically a single – payer health care system . The only payer would be the government itself . All private transactions in health insurance and health would be , as I would think , be banned or outlawed . Good luck trying that in this country .

.. ObamaCrapCare is already on the verge of collapse . Costs are soaring . People realized that they have been defrauded , and have been sold a false bill of goods , a colossal stinker of epic proportions .

.. The dummies on Crapitol Hill keep on forgetting some basic laws , such as : [-] the law of supply and demand ; add on more requirements , and keep on cutting reimbursements to doctors , pharmacists , and hospitals , and you will send costs into orbit ; [-] the law of unintended consequences — all sorts of changes are occuring that those dummies never though of , or anticipated ; and [-] the law of human nature — nice one , dummies — decades of cost controls are blowing up in all of our faces .

Anyone surprised that Democrats envision Obamacare morphing into single payer hasn’t been listening to what Democrats have been saying.

The collapse of the private insurance market under Obamacare isn’t a bug, it’s a feature.

But you would have known that if you had been reading Legal Insurrection in the summer of 2009, including Deception and Tyranny Key To Health Care Reform:

The only way the Obama administration and Democrats can force through the types of changes they envision for the health care system is through deception and tyranny.

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… Welcome to the New Media Frontier , Washington ComPost …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,August 8th,2013

.. It is time to be slimmed down in order to compete . Otherwise , put your head between your knees and get ready to “die…”

[h/t — TAS // matt purple]

.. Americans have been facing the consequences of a shifting economy for years now . These effects often come in the form of lost jobs, foreclosed homes, and relocation. The national debt is unfathomably high, cities are going bankrupt, and small-business growth has ground to a halt thanks to burdensome regulations and health care costs. Meanwhile the Post gets sold to a different owner and suddenly it is the equivalent of sending loved ones to a crematorium. It is similar to what happened with the sequester: The Beltway experiences a gentle lick of the recession it helped create, and all hell breaks loose.

.. One should head west , outward from Washington , D.C. , Fantasyland on the Potomac .  Out beyond what Washington radio stations call the “DMV”—D.C., Maryland, and Virginia  . One should do so , fittingly abbreviated as a comically incompetent government agency—and try to find one person, just one, who cares deeply about the fact that the Post has changed hands. Surely there is someone out there who will express concerns about his job security and the intrusion of environmental regulations . They will think that is  far more important  than the fate of the Post , even though it will now be owned by someone else  .

.. Just one. He  or  she has  got to be out there.

.. The busines model  of news media , in  general , and newspapers  , in particular , must evolve . The market has given it no choice . Also , new media outlets are crushing the competition , and kicking their fannies . Either they evolve ,  or they may meet the fate of the Rocky Mountain News .  note the crossout . the RMN has been gone for a few years …

… Get the Hint ! …

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… Tony Stewart should have Known Better …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,August 7th,2013

.. and now , he will pay a price for it .

.. Stewart is , of course , a 3 – time Winston Cup champion (the most recent being in 2011) . However , now , he is out , effectively , for the rest of the season . He went , as is his habit , sprint racing during his off time from his busy schedule . However , sprint

English: Tony Stewart, NASCAR, Stewart-Haas Ra...

English: Tony Stewart, NASCAR, Stewart-Haas Racing, Sprint Cup Series, Chevy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

racing , like Winston Cup racing , does not come without risk .

.. Unfortunately , he will have time to contemplate the actions and errors of his ways . He broke both his fibia and tibia (presumably in his right leg ; I am not sure which one he broke0 , and he has had surgery to insert a rod in the area of the injury in order for it to heal properly . Evidently , a second surgery is also in the offing . Those injuries will take about 6 to 8 weeks for him to properly heal . Big Problem , though .

.. Cup Racing has what is called a “Chase to the Championship , ” in essence a playoff system to spice up the end part of the racing schedule . The Chase begins , however , in about 5 to 6 weeks . Stewart can hire a substitute driver [there are a number that come to mind , such as Boris Said , Brian Vickers , Regan Smith , and the Dillon Brothers (both grandsons of car owner Richard Childress , but up – and – coming drivers nonetheless) , but his sponsors , Bass Pro Shops in particular , that will take a hit . They knew the risk , but are likely not all that thrilled with Tony right now .

.. Tony Stewart is a rarity , these days . He is a driver – owner , having built Stewart – Haas Racing from the ground up . He has dealt with change . Hopefully , god – willing , he will learn from this . He earned his first Cup title in 2002 , and , believe it or not , almost got fired by his lead sponsor (Home Despot) because of his immature behaviour . He is not like that now . Far from it .

.. Stewart is one of Winston Cup ‘ s best examples of both a driver and an owner . He has grown up , especially since putting together his own team , and has become one of the sport ‘ s great ambassadors . Take it easy , Tony . You are one of my favourite drivers , and you should sit it down until you are fully healthy . Find some other and more safer offtime pursuits , because your sponsors will give you grief until you do . There are plenty of them , and he will find them .

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