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… the Reasons for Immigration Policy Failure [#POTUS] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,January 1st,2017

.. [-] trust — His Lordship is not trusted . People do not trust him to implement policy that Congress passes into law , as it was enacted …

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.. Obama ‘ s track record , especially with ObamaCrapCare , is a classic example . He enforces what he wants to , and chooses to not enforce what he does not want to . Worse is what he is doing with parts of the law that he wants changed . Normally , you submit those changes to Congress , and dicker over the possibilities . Obama does not . He has a Caesar complex , and acts on things on his own . So , his reputation does not show promise …

.. [-] lack of compromise — Obama does not understand the art of compromise . He comes from a state where Republicans are like docile sheep . When the needs arise , Illinois Dems run over the GOP like so much roadkill . On the national stage , the GOP is a much difference lot . They have spent a lot of the last 25 years in the halls of power in Congress and in the White House …. They are used to governing , and know how to deal with compromise …

.. [-] lack of schmoozing — POTUS has no idea of how to schmooze . When you want to deal with your own party , much less the other one , you schmooze them . No , you do not ” snow job ” them , you schmooze them . People at this level have egos [ladies included] , and they want them to be stroked . So , do it , stupid …


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