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… the Kurds may Shoot for Independence … under Turkish Protection …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,December 30th,2016

.. and with Israeli support ..

.. those folks , both in Jerusalem and in Ankara , know the score . They know that our current scourge , the ObamaCraps , are a unique aberration . They know what to expect from the GOP and most wings of the Republican party . They also understand most wings of the DemoCrap party , as well . The problem is the ObamaCraps . However , they are one than can cause a great deal of damage before they go …

.. the Kurds know the new score . The Iranians may not be all that wild about Kurdish independence . They may have adjusted to it , because it also solves certain ” problems ” for Iranian minorities . The Turks are in a similar position , but not as forgiving . They may well let a chunk of their Kurds go , but not all . They also may not be thrilled with it , but can help gain a lot of ” street cred ” with the Kurdish people by helping ” midwife ” the process . The problem : The ObamaCraps , who else ? …

.. [h/t — HotAir]..
.. [link] to the blog news ..

.. JohnBoy Kerry and his gang may not want an independent Kurdistan . Right now , given their lack of military and diplomatic heft in the region , there may not be a whole lot that the US State Department can do about it …

.. not too long ago , ” Uncle Joe ” Biden was talking about the three – way partition of Iraq . It looks as if he just may well get his wish …

.. [update] — the Pesh Merga will have to deal with I.S.I.L. first . Hopefully , the ObamaCraps (or , some really rich folks of Kurdish descent) will wake up and help them …


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