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… the Pied Piper of Permisos [#turn to rot]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,December 28th,2016

.. it appears to be that way .

.. and His Lordship has no one to blame but himself .

.. his lawless antics are one message . He will change the law to see things fit , as he wants to see them , not as they really are . Sooner or later , reality is going to throw a cold “bucket” of water on him , and he will take the blinders off , and say , ” Holy [Bleep] !! ” …

.. [h/t — TAS]..
.. [link] to the column ..

.. D.A.C.A. [his deferral program for illegals] is another . It is giving folks the ” green light , ” and they are really beginning to take advantage of it . The masses are coming , and now it is politically flipping on Obama , and in a very big way …

.. as a result , POTUS wants [demands] $4 billion to deal with it . No , not really to deal with it . Just to throw money at the problem , instead of dealing with the underlying causes …

.. the DemoCraps may end up paying a very dear price for this . Not just this fall , either . The Latino community is not going to appreciate Obama playing games with children ‘ s lives , and having them die on his watch like this …

.. hey , dummy . Look at yourself in the mirror . That is the prinicipal cause of the problem …


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