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… What Israel hopes to Gain [#Israel stikes Back]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,December 27th,2016

.. simply put :

.. [1] knocking out the smuggling tunnels — as long as they can find out about them , they can and will go after them …

.. [2] knocking out the missile stocks — ditto ..

.. [3] Hamas ‘ central command — still to be determined …

.. [h/t–]..
.. [link] to the intelligence report ..

.. [1] is pretty much done , I think . What tunnels they know about , are gone . It is the tunnels that they do not know about that are the problem …

.. I am betting that Israel has more treats up its sleeve , in terms of technology . Especially for dealing with the tunnels . it will be fun to finally find out what exactly they have developed , and to find out Hamas ‘ reaction [say , shit in their pants ]when everyone does find out …

.. [2] obviously is not — the missiles that still fly show that …. so , there are more storage bunkers that remain to be located ….

.. [3] TBA — PM Netanyahu and the Israeli security cabinet have to make the decision [political , as well as military] to ” go for the jugular ” …. it will be bloody , and many , many civilians will be killed . Israel will take a P.R. hit , probably a serious one . It should be worth it , because Hamas will be smashed …


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