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… There is No Legal Justification for This [#data mining][#racial statistics]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,December 15th,2016

.. where in the hell do these ObamaCraps think that they get the ” controlling legal authority ” for doing something like this ? ..

.. our government is only authorized to collect racial statistics in certain areas for certain reasons . Those reasons are clearly stated , and are as a result of past patterns of conduct by other entities . However , that information is authorized to be collected for very specific and legally authorized reasons . Not for anything else …

.. [h/t]..
.. [link] to the news article …

…. now the ObamaCraps really plan on going crazy . They are acting to grossly misuse and abuse the powers and duties of these various agencies , taking them in directions that they have no legal reason or justification for doing so . They also are acting to collect , collate , analyze , and publish this information , even though the government is not authorized to do this . Why , for God ‘ s Sake , Why ?

.. to empower the legal radicals among the community activists [read — communist agitators] among POTUS ‘ S support base . This stuff can be reversed , but it will not be easy > With many ObamaCrap judges in the system polluting the works , it will taketime to clear up all of this mess …

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