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… The French Right has a Very Good Chance {#winning]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,December 9th,2016

.. Francois Fillon has become a very Strong candidate for President of france . He persuaded a FOrMEr Pres , Nicholas Sarkozy , to withdraw from the race . The French Right held a primary in order to select their candidate . So far , the Socialists are not doing so . Fillon won and is in a strong position to win the national election  ..

.. The Socialists have a serious problem . Incumbent Pres Francois Hollande is running for re – election .. As many as 3 other candidates , including current pm Maniel ValLS , are going to RUN . which creates a serious problem for Hollande . The Socialists have no primary like the Right does . Ergo , All 4 Socialists will be on the ballot in the first round of the eLEction ..

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.. France runs their elections in a similar method to the u.s. state of Louisiana . The 1st round is A ” jungle primary ” , where everybody is on the ballot . If nobdy gets to 50 % , then the top two vote getters advance to a runoff election . Because of this , the Socialists , incl. Hollande , risk not getting thru to the runoff . The French Right [fillon] and the national Front [Maxine Le Pen would make it , where fillon would crush le Pen … x


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