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… C ‘ est Incroyable [#That is Incredible][US – Cuba embassy reopening]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,December 7th,2016

.. I wanted to give this one an extra special flourish because I am particularly and directly offended by what is happening ..

.. the Cuban Communists have won the diplomatic game , for now . That game is legitimacy . The recognition by our country was bad enough . It gave them the legitimacy of a peaceful and legit government over the Cuban people . But the opening of embassies is another huge step . You don’t open an embassy in a nation in whom has not acted or earned moral legitimacy . The Cuban government has earned none . They have won the game by the worst fashion ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog news article ..

.. how did they do that ? By our government [the United States government] conceding the moral high ground and walking off of the diplomatic field of play . You don’t win when you don’t play . We have plenty of cards to play . We did not play them . The ObamaCraps refused to . They felt that to do so would be a moral conceit on our part over the Cuban government . Well , it wasn’t . We [as a democratic nation] are morally superior to a totalitarian government [Cuban Communists] that rule their people by the rule of a gun …

.. The Cuban Communist government has no legitimacy to govern their nationa . Ergo , we should not damn well recognize them , much less open an embassy in Havana …


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