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… The U.S. is in More Trouble than it Thinks [#Gaza Strip]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,November 13th,2016

.. it is even to the point that Egypt and Israel are working together , and with Hamas . Yes , it is that bad ..

.. basically , Hamas was far more weakened over the summer offensive with Israel than it is [was] letting on . It has lost hundreds , maybe a few thousand fighters to war death and destruction , along with assassination . It still has its rocket stocks , though . At least while it still has them …

.. [h/t —]…
.. [link] to the intelligence report …

.. it seems that I.S.I.L. has been finding many of Hamas ‘ rocket stocks . They haven’t been letting them go to waste , though . A considerable number , no doubt , have been diverted to the war in Syria . Others have been relocated and put into storage . There are now others which have been fired at Israel , or have been positioned at Israel from I.S.I.L. territory in Syria . So they are not being wasted ..

.. what is scary for the U.S. is both the increasing threat TO Israel and the increasing spread of I.S.I.L. ‘ s influence .  It is a situation that calls  for the full attention of the United States and all of it allies , no matter where they are located . It is something that cannot be put off any longer …


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