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… POTUS should seek a Political Endorsement from Congress [#I.S.I.L.]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,November 13th,2016

.. constitutionally , POTUS has the power to go to battle with I.S.I.L. ….

.. morally , legally , and most of all , politically , he does not …

.. he is easily the most vain and inept POTUS in our nation ‘ s history . He is an incompetent boob , a twit , a narcissistic bastard … so many , many people , including me , have a complete and total lack of believability in this man , our President . We lack faith in his judgement …

.. he does not have a great deal of political capital . He is going to need to spend a fair bit of it to get an endorsement from Congress . Neither the members of his own party , much less the GOP , have much faith in him . However , they will follow when he finally decides to learn something about leadership …

.. But , he has to lead . That is a word that he is not very well acquainted with , not much very well whatsoever . He must lead …

— [update] — the new Congress that is elected will force POTUS ‘ hand . They will bring up an AUMF resolution for use against I.S.I.L. [the proper term] , and debate it . The Congressional leadership [both parties] will make sure that there are the votes for THE AUMF TO PASS With plenty of margin . That will allow any of the weak – kneed types to opt out of the vote , and to have a safe vote ….


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