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… Appeler un chat un chat [#in english] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,November 6th,2016

.. you call a cat a cat .

.. it seems now that the French have really got the message . Where terrorism is concerned , the French have quit screwing around . They understand what the threat truly is , and they need to deal with the changes in the culture in their own country …

appeler un chat un chat

.. but , they are sickened and disgusted with one person in particular : Barack Obama . They are absolutely amazed that the people of the U.S. could elect and re – elect this idiot to be the so – called ” Leader of the Free World , ” not once , but twice …

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“This is a battle about who is going to define Islam: the radical Islamists, who try to convince the world that someone can be assassinated if he dares draw a mocking cartoon representing the Prophet, or who ridicules fanatics of all sorts; or the democratically inclined Muslims who accept that religion cannot be an encompassing whole that dictates all the rules of everyday life in the earthly realm.”

– Joshua Mitchell, a professor of political philosophy at Georgetown University

By denying that this is about Islam, “President Obama does us a disservice, because doing so deprives the Muslim community of its responsibility to fight this radical monster,” says Muslim democrat Naser Khader, a former member of the Danish Parliament, now at the Hudson Institute in Washington. “By doing that, the West fails to understand that the Muslims will be the most crucial soldiers to fight this Islamic terrorism.” Mr. Khader calls for a revolution in Islam that would reinterpret the sacred texts in a way that is “compatible with modernity.”


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