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… When You Do a Presidential Speech from the Oval Office [#POTUS][#i.s.i.l.]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,November 5th,2016

.. you sit at the President ‘  s desk , for crying out loud  ..

.. for this one , his Lordship decided to  play it cute . He put in  a podium in the Oval Office in front of his desk . I wonder , who  had the bright idea to put that damn thing in there ?? …

.. if you want to speak at a podium , then  it is like  that you want an audience . On a  subject such as national security , an appropriate setting usually can easily be arranged . With the world ‘ s most powerful military at you beck  and call , that should not be difficult ..

.. [h/T _-]..

.. [link] to the video of the speech  …

.. A president ‘  s credibility and his / her political capital are very critical . They expire over time ,  and they can be built up .  They  also can be frittered away if a POTUS is not careful about how they are used . Misusing the Oval Office for a speech is one way to blow it …


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