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… the Editors of Charlie Hebdo are Right [#free speech]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,October 29th,2016

.. either we have free speech , or we do not …

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The film critic said it’s important for journalists and ordinary citizens not to self-censor and, staking an absolutist position, said: “We don’t negotiate. There’s either freedom of speech or there is not.”

But Biard said the magazine, which printed nearly 8 million copies of its first post-massacre edition – up from its usual 60,000 – cannot continue its bold exercise of free expression alone, and warned Western journalists they risk emboldening jihadis by avoiding sensitive topics, such as depicting Muhammad, and marginalizing those who do.

Many publications, he said, “turned their back” on Charlie Hebdo by questioning the appropriateness of pillorying religious fanatics.

“The press suffer a lack of courage in this matter,” he said. “We don’t want to be a symbol any longer. … We can’t be the only ones to stand up for these values.”


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