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… Can’t the State Department Do Anything Right?? [#document production]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,October 21st,2016

.. it appears not , I am afraid ..

.. recently , The State Department was dragged back into court , yet again on a F.O.I.A. case . This time , the progenitor was , of all of the publications . They wanted the F.O.I.A. production of tens of thousands of documents and emails on various subjects , such as Benghazi . Well , given their current resources , State was not exactly being all that cooperative with the documents …

.. [h/t —]…
.. [link] to the news story …

.. thus came the renewed court proceeding..

.. This judge [Rudophph Contreras , an ObamaCrap appointee] was having none of it . He well knows that Congress makes tens of billions in annual appropriations to State . Yet those nimrods budget their $$ to only have the resources of a microbe to F.O.I.A. document production….

.. these judges in the Prettiman Federal Courthouse in D.C. do communicate with each other . They well know that the State Department is stalling , and doing so on a massive scale . Do they have to take over State ‘ s budget in order to make them hire the people to do F.O.I.A. right , under court supervision ? ..

.. It appears so ..


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