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… First 3D printer in space goes to work for NASA [#the future]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,October 8th,2016

… amazing …. it is only the beginning . As 3D printing continues to grow in usefulness and reliability , it will be put to so many , many more uses than we can even think of right now , that we can even conceive of ….

.. think protein resequencers [food replicators] and industrial replicators [yes , Star Trek – related tech] … 3D printing will continue to evolve , as it miniaturizes , speeds up , refines , and becomes much , much more common …..

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A specially designed 3D printer has produced its first piece of hardware on the International Space Station, moving NASA further towards a future where blueprints for spare parts are beamed from Earth rather that transported by rocket.

The first 3D printer in space was delivered to the ISS in September, and astronauts installed it into their ‘Microgravity Science Glovebox’ on 17 November. As of November 24 GMT, the new gadget had already created its first product – a new part of the printer itself.

Built by space printing firm Made In Space, the 3D printer is being trialled by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Centre under their small business innovation program.

The successful first print has given NASA and its astronauts hope that 3D printing may lead to a future of easier and more efficient space research, where spare parts and new hardware no longer has to be shuttled between…

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