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… I have Heard of Stupid [#DemoCrap Misconduct]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,October 7th,2016

.. but this is beyond outrageous …

.. congressional oversight is an important part of Congress ‘ job . Besides the making of law and the changing of law , understanding and investigating what is going on in the government at large is damned important . However , Congress is only one part of a 3 – part system of government …

.. Congress relies on the separation of powers . Congress can issue a subpoena , but it relies on the other two branches to enforce a subpoena . The judicial branch will clearly enforce one , but what about when the executive branch is clearly failing to do its job ….

….Right now , I believe the Executive branch is failing in its duty . They should be acting to enforce a Congressional subpoena . However , right now , they are not doing so . They are actively working to obstruct the work of Congress by failing to do so . Worse is the conduct detailed here …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the news article …

… from Investor ‘ s Business Daily [ and Legal]…

DOJ Working With Elijah Cummings To Protect The IRS

An aide to the attorney general accidentally calls the office of the House Oversight Committee chairman, asking for help in spinning the defense of the agency whose head just said they obey the law when they can.

We have commented many times of the all-too-cozy relationship between the IRS and Democratic members of the House and Senate, with members writing to the agency demanding that specific conservative groups and political action committees they find particularly irritating be subject to the “special scrutiny” that the Tea Party and other conservative and religious groups were subjected to in the ongoing scandal.

Of particular interest to us has been Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., ranking member on Rep. Darrell Issa’s House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, who has made every effort to keep the committee from finding out the true extent of IRS corruption and abuse of power in its targeting of conservatives…

Now we have Brian Fallon, a former aide to New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer and a communications aide to Attorney General Eric Holder, who mistakenly called Issa’s office thinking it was the office of Cummings and asked for help in leaking documents to selected reporters for the purpose of creating media spin before Issa and his committee could make them public.

As Jonathan Strong reports at Breitbart News, now the subject of an IRS audit, a letter sent by Issa to Holder about the call “describes Fallon as ‘audibly shaken’ when he realizes his request to leak documents to help get ahead of news stories about them was mistakenly made to the very office he was seeking to undermine.”

.. The Executive is actually acting in concert with the House minority to obstruct the investigative acts of the House majority . They are leaking news stories through to the House DemoCraps , who then leak them to so – called ” friendly ” members of the LameStream media . They do it to try to get ahead of a news story in order to manage a news cycle …

.. it is , to say the least , not what they should be doing . They should be co – operating with the House and the Senate , fairly and equally , no matter who runs the place . Conspiring with one side against the other helps to damage our system of government and helps to endanger our rights …

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