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… The Senate DemoCraps in Dreamland [#Campaign 2016] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,September 20th,2016

.. the Senate Dems [and the Dems , in general] desperately want to regain control of the U.S. Senate . Who would not ? ..

.. in 2016 it will likely be the best time for the Dems in a decade . After that , in 2018 and 2020 , the numbers reverse severely , and then the Dem #s are likely to sink for a very , very long time ..

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.. [-] Nevada — the Silver State is swinging fairly steadily to the right . The GOP now controls all of the statewide offices in Reno , except Dingy Harry Reid ‘ s current Senate Senate . Now good ol ‘ Dingy is retiring , and this seat is likely to end up in OGP hands …

.. [-] Ohio — Rob Portman is up for his first re – election . he does have a big advantage , though . Ohio is a Red state , one that is likely to be REd in the Presidential campgin . Even better ..

.. the DummyCraps are putting up former Governor reject Terrible Ted Strickland to run against him . Strickland is not a good campaigner , and faces a primary , first . So , Teddy Boy is likely to come out of the primary as damaged goods , and with a low bank account ..

.. [-] Illinois — this one is the Dems best hope . If the Dems cannot win this seat , especially from the rapidly recovering Mark Kirk , then they can forget about getting the Senate back at all …

.. [-]Pennsylvania — Pat Toomey is up . but , who are the Dems going to put up against him ? Joe Sestak ? No ! . The Dem Governor , Tom Wolf , is as about as popular as the AIDS virus . he is most likely to be a one – termer . the other most likely candidate , AG Kathleen Kane , is now looking at a reserved seat at the good ol ‘ Graybar Hotel [i.e. , jail] on corruption charges . Other than those two , the Dem bench is between thin and none ..

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