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… Er , No ! [#fight for Religious Liberty in D.C.]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,September 20th,2016

.. somehow , even being in the Nation ‘ s capital , the D.C. City Council seems to have not gotten the message …t

.. we have constitutional protections to religious freedom [the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights , duh !]…

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog news account …

.. what is the City Council doing ? They are trying to force any person or organization [whether they be for – profit or non – profit] to bend to their legal will . Specifically , they want these groups to adopt standards related to sexual orientation in legal and other matters …

.. it repeals an exemption that existed in law for many decades . Now , the city ‘ s Human Rights Act will control affairs , which is even more sweeping an issue regarding sexual orientation . No , bad move . It should not happen . It must not happen . Congress must step in …

.. Congress has a clear power in the Constitution as regards to the government of the Nation ‘ s Seat of Government . Much of the time , especially with Home Rule , Congress stays out of the way . However , there are times that Congress either needs to or must step in . In this case , Congress must step in , whether POTUS likes it or not ….

…it must do so in this case , and edit D.C. law to ensure that individuals and organizations rights are protected in the nation ‘ s capital . It may end up wrapping in gun rights , as regards Palmer v DC as well , if the D.C. City Council does not get its act together and follow the Home Rule Act , as well as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights ….

— [update] — right now , this one is tied up in court . it will be for  some time , though …

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