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… POTUS is genuinely mad [#Israel]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,September 19th,2016

.. and the DemoCraps can expect serious problems with the Jewish vote in the coming years …

.. if this intel report is accurate [and it usually is] , then the European nations have been planning to present a motion in the U.N. Security Council on the Israel – Palestinian question . Their sympathies vis-à-vis the Palestinians have never been a real secret . The big question is the willingness of His Lordship to take action on his , and the backlash politically that will ensue …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the intelligence report ..

.. it appears now that POTUS is willing to act . I wonder if he realizes how much of an impact that his actions are going to have …

.. [-] US — this act will create an enormous uproar in Congress . There will be moves to substantially cut U.N. funding . Some may well pass . The fun action will be in the Senate , where Dingy Harry Reid cannot protect his people from tough votes …

.. [-] the DemoCraps — they will be under enormous pressure . The biggest question besides that is how far will the UN motion will push things . The further that it pushes , the more pressure that the Dems will be under …

.. [-] the U.N. — the U.N. is fast losing support in the U.S. , especially in conservative circles . This will not obviously help their cause any , at all ..

.. [-] the major powers — they must be thinking that the odds are good that they will be dealing with Miz Hillary as POTUS after Obama . They had better hedge their bets . Once a Republican beats her [and soundly] , the GOP is going to take out payback on a lot of people , especially unfriendly people and countries …

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