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… You Have to be KIdding [#food stamps][#luxury assets]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,August 28th,2016

.. we once had good welfare reform law ..

.. unfortunately , we now have the Age of Obama . Even the states , yes , even the GOP – led states , are taking off on monkeyshines of food stamp eligibility and waivers …

.. what they should be doing is using strict asset tests . My home state [Ohio] does so , and they do not kid around . Most other states do , unfortunately , and the food stamp rolls have exploded nationally as a result ..

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.. we could reform welfare , once again , get people who do not need it off of the damn rolls , and boost the benefit to a somewhat higher level … the hitch ? — we need to get the First Wuss out of office . The sooner he is gone , the better we can get rid of budgetary and immoral crap such as this …

.. Michigan is a case in point . Sure , they wanted the added money . But the ObamaCraps forced them to play by their rules , not Michigan ‘ s . So the asset tests were waived for several years . However , it did not last for long . There were several thousand [yes , THOUSAND] tales of people [such as lottery winners , for example] still getting food stamps and welfare benefits even after winning lottery prizes . No , I am not talking about small change , either . Try $10,000 on up , to say the least …

.. Maine was another example . Even Maine , under the conservative GOPer Paul lePage , took the added money . Then the tales of people with luxury cars , motor homes , vacation homes , and those folks were still getting benefits . So , after his re – election , LePage had had enough . He called the ObamaCraps ‘ bluff , and won . He reimposed strict asset tests [at a level of $5,000 per person] to cull the monkeyshines . It still happens , though , but nowhere near as much …


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