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… The Secret Service is doing What [#where it is located]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,August 25th,2016

.. I was watching the O ‘ Reilly Factor the other night , and Bill was hot on the mounting Secret Service scandal regarding the President , the First Family , and its protection …

.. I have lost a great deal of respect for the guy . I still have some of it , though , and I highly doubt that I will lose it . Barack Obama is still my President , and his protection , and that of his family [as well as high government officials] is an important function of the U.S. Secret Service .

.. Ladies and Gentleman , you need to tend to your knitting . Quit screwing around with all of this political correct bull[bleep] . This sctuff does the agency and the country no good , not one bit of good at all ….

.. Also , I learned from Bill that , quite a few years ago , that the Secret Service as an agency was moved from the Department of the Treasury to the Department of Homeland Security . Why ? IN the D.H.S. , the U.S.S.S. is just a part of a bureaucracy . At Treasury , the Service is treated with the respect and the special nature that it deserves . Ergo , Congress needs to act …

.. Congress needs to thoroughly investigate this p.c. culture at this agency . This political correctness culture is going to get someone killed , possibly even a government official or even possibly a President . God in heaven help us if that were to happen . Also , confine the service to its law enforcement and person protection missions . Nothing else . I strongly suspect that other things are going on in the Secret Service that we in the public have not been told about or have not learned about . Take them out . Junk them . Get them out , for god ‘ s sake ….


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