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… Now His Lordship realizes that He has F-ed Up [#Israel relations]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,August 25th,2016

.. evidently , somebody at the ObamaCrap White House is realizing that going to war with PM Bibi Netanyahu may not have been such a great idea …

.. it may have assuaged POTUS ‘ NEED TO PISS ALL OVER bIBI . but , those actions have consequences . Serious consequences . Especically for the DemoCrap party back home . The DemoCraps must now realize that the DemoCraps are starting to really pay a price for his actions on the world stage …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. The jewish vote is now steadily changing , and in a conservative direction . The REform jewish population is growning at a very slow rate . The Conservative branch of Judiaism is becoming somewhat more moderate , especially with the increasing influence of conservatives …

.. the big effect comes from the Orthodox and the Ultra – Orthodox . They are almost uniformly [these days] conservative and GOP – leaning , or they are out – and – out partisan Republicans . They are also growing extremely rapidly . Their numbers area steadily changing the political dynamic in the jewish community , and that has the DemoCraps deeply worried …

.. the jewish vote is concentratedprincipally in a few states . Because of it , their numbers have an outsize infounce on those states ‘politics . In Florida and Ohio a more conservative jewish vote would put both states solidly in the GOP column . In the case of other states [New York and New Jersey] , it would start to put a number of congressional districts in play , and eventually the states as a whole . Ditto for California …


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