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… California and the Drought [#Ohio]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,August 16th,2016

.. yea , this is where my home state comes in …

.. in Ohio , most of the state bills for water and sewer use together . The average bill these days [at least around here] is around $50 to $60 , but that is for a 3 – month period . Is it enough ? No , even with the plentiful supply [snowpack , rainfall , rivers , reservoirs , the Great Lakes] …

.. those bill are beginning to soar . Why ? First and foremost , our sewers are old , and are in drastic need of repair and replacement . Around this area , the City of Cleveland neglected the water and sewer systems for far too many years . Now , many projects are going on all at once to catch up . Boy , oh boy , are they going to cost a pretty penny . Our area ‘ s bills are going to soar as a result …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog column …

.. there is alos a very major sewer project going on . WWe have to do it , whether we like it are not . It is part of a court – imposed settlement , so that is that . The project basically is building a massive set of storage tanks underneath the Greater Cleveland are . Those tanks will store the sewage water , then allow the plants to process it in an orderly fashion ….

.. If it sounds expensive , it is . It is scheduled to cost over $2.5 billion [at a minimum] . So we will pay a pretty penny for our upgraded sewer service . But , we will be paying a more accurage figure , something that is more like the economic cost of the water that we use , and the sewage water tha t we produce each day ..

.. At least here in Ohio , we are facing up to reality . California is not …


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