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… A Special Master should be Doing This [#IRS Emails]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,August 8th,2016

.. yep , Friday news dump ..

.. right before Thanksgiving ..

.. more IRS e – mails …. A whole shitload of them … and it is only the beginning , I think …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the e – mail dump …

.. the X-Mas season is going to make for some interesting reading , in terms of IRSgate . Once these hush puppies are fully put out , you might be surprised at what is found in them ..

.. Oh , also … it is said that there will be no ” red meat ” vis-à-vis the ObamaCrap White House . Do Not Be so sure about that ..

.. these people have been that arrogant and that incredibly stupid about things , they have been leaving a paper trail about their screw – ups all over the place . Just look at GruberGate , for God ‘ s Sake . Professor Gruber ‘ s videos were just sitting out there on YouTube . It took an intrepid individual investment adviser from suburban Philly who got really , really pissed at the O.C. …

.. so what did he do ? He started digging and researching . It took quite a lot of it , though , but Wow ! He hit the Comstock Lode of political gigagaffes . Now , it has done grave damage to Jonathan Gruber ‘ s reputation , and also to that of the ObamaCraps ‘ political reputation . Journalists of all stripes are


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