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… Maybe the French are Getting Serious [#terrorism]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,August 3rd,2016

.. as well as about tolerance …

.. it is clear that POTUS is not . Otherwise he would have had His Lordship’ s royal butt in Paris at that unity rally …

.. the French were impressive . Over 5 million people participated in rallies all around the nation , at various sites . People of all walks of life , and all religions participated …

.. now , the French Government is mobilizing its military . It is sending over 10,000 troops to guard over 700 jewish schools throughout France …

.. now , what happens next ?!?!

— update — now the train attack by a ” Lone Wolf ” jihadi coming on a train cmoning from Ansterdam to Paris [thru Belgium] . More than any country , France has a superb rail network . Whether its security services are up to the task is another question …


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