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… Incredibly Irresponsible and Stupid ! [#HillaryCraps][#e mail classification][#stripping]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,August 1st,2016

.n I heard about this bone – headed move , I was stunned ..

.. these documents have a classification stamp [or , the sub – parts thereof] for a very good reason . That intelligence (no matter what the source) is very , very important . It needs to be protected . People who violate the law and do not protect the intel should be held to account for their actions …

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.. [link] to the blog post …

there is an excellent article by John Schindler [the Daily Beast] that lays out why intel is what it is , and why it is important to protect it , in some cases , at all costs . Some intelligence is really THAT sensitive …

.. the knuckleheaded HillaryCraps at the State Department decided that it would be fun to ” strip ” the classification off of the documents . Whether they did so does not matter . That information is still classified , no matter who plays with it . It does not give Miz Hillary reason for or justification for playing around with it in her e mails or storing it improperly on her server ..

.. when it comes to ” plausible deniability ” [the defense that the Hillaryistas would use in a legal defense] , the background of the individual comes into play . In Miz Hillary ‘s case , she should and would damn well know better , thus defeating the defense …

.. Oops …


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