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… She Deserves to Be Fired [#Baltimore County prosecutor]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,July 29th,2016

.. Marilyn Mosby is a greenhorn as a prosecutor . I have to wonder what idiots put her into office as the Baltimore County prosecutor . It was by election , no doubt ..

.. out of the result of the Freddie Gray case , the entirety of the case required sound judgement and wisdom . Also experience . Those were traits that were sorely lacking in Ms Mosby . So , what indeed happened ?? ..

.. a colossal disaster . The first trial ended in a hung jury , but the jury was leaning heavily towards not guilty . The other three trial were all bench trials , and those officers were all found not guilty . Not only that , but the judge bawled out the prosecutors and the prosecution for their poor preparation and their lack of professionalism ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the news story ..

.. so , what should happen now ?? ..

.. Mosby must be relieved of her duties . She is / was clearly over her head in bringing the entirety of the case against the 6 officers . But not just that . She should be brought before the Maryland Bar on multiple charges . Her legal license could well be at stake ..

.. Depending on Maryland law , she could well be facing a civil lawsuit from any one of the 6 officers for malicious prosecution . I would not be surprised at that …


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