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… Obama ‘ s Coalition was Never the DemoCrap Coalition [#fraud]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,July 26th,2016

.. it relied on artificially inflated minority turnout … .. plus a massive amount of fraud , plus … .. voter suppression of the highest order … .. [h/t —].. .. [link] to the news article … .. if there had been anywhere near the turnout in 2010 [or , matter of fact , in 2014] in 2012 or/and 2008 , Barack Obama would never have been elected / re – elected POTUS . He knows it , and his campaign brain trust knows it …. thus the massive voter suppression , courtesy of the monkeyshines at the I.R.S. … .. Miz Hillary [or any other DemoCrap] will have to build a new coalition . They cannot count on elevated levels of minority turnout , no matter how hard they try . She is not a minority , and after His Lordship , there will not be the same affinity towards the possible first woman [as against the first Black POTUS] …


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