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… The United Methodist Church is heading for Deep Trouble [#gay issues]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,July 23rd,2016

.. The Methodists , like many Protestant faiths , has had to have dealings w. gays , lesbians , and LGBT issues . UM doctrine defines gays and lesbians as incompatible w. Church teachings . There have even been theological ” trials ” over the issue . But the issue is not going away . Not one bit ..

.. A number of UM jurisdictions are in open rebellion over the issues. They have held and ” consecrated ” gay weddings ‘ , and have selected openly gay clergy to their local pulpits . The higher levels act as if the issue is going away , , or that they wish that the issue would fade away . It will not ..

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.. Now the rebellion is reaching the higher levels of the UM church . It is reaching a point that the church body as a whole will have to address . Now a Western District in Arizona has elected an openly gay bishop . Now what ?? ..

.. Exactly that . Now what ?? The Methodists cannot hide their heads in the sand , and wish that the issue would go away . It will not ..


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