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… You would Figure that the Slimes would Know Better [#so – called Net Neutrality]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,July 22nd,2016

.. but they would not …

.. the F.C.C. made its power grab on Net Neutrality in late February . They made it even though the federal Appeals courts have [three times] denied them the power to take action in this area . Especially when the previous acts by the F.C.C. were miniscule in comparison to this one …

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.. the Slimes gave the F.C.C. a long 4,000 word pile of bunkum to back its powergrab vis-à-vis the Internet . It is especially galling , considering the relevant legislation was written in 1934 , 60 years before THE birth of the W.W.W. . The original law [ the Communications Act of 1934] was written in terms of the desk telephone ,…


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