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… An Excellent Beginning [#Mike Pence][#no apologies][#backing our friends]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,July 20th,2016

.. I know of Mike Pence . He was a strong leader in several conservative – leaning caucuses when he represented Indiana in the House . I have to admit , that I did wonder where he might go on a upward path in politics . I was indeed surprised when he ran for and was elected Governor of Indiana . But now …

.. He is now our party ‘ s nominee for VPOTUS . I pray and hope that he does well . He is not a natural public speaker , though . That what makes this first speech on the national stage so special ..

.. [h/t ––]..
.. [link] to the blog post news ..

.. He let fly with the hammer on His Lordship . Obama sure as hell had it coming ..

GOV. MIKE PENCE: Elections are about choices. I joined this ticket because the choice could not be more clear. The stakes could not be higher. Americans can choose a leader who will fight to make America safe and prosperous again, and bring real change, or we can elect someone who literally personifies the failed establishment in Washington, D.C.

Seven and a half years of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s policies have weakened America’s place in the world and stifled our nation’s economy. Terrorist attacks at home and abroad, grim and heartbreaking scenes from France just a few short days ago, the attempted coup in Turkey, all attest to a world spinning apart.

History teaches us that weakness arouses evil. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s foreign policy of leading from behind, moving red lines, failing resets is a testament to this truth of history, and we must bring a change to America’s standing in the world.

We cannot have four more years of apologizing to our enemies and abandoning our friends. America needs to be strong for the world to be safe. On the world stage, Donald Trump will lead from strength. He will rebuild the arsenal of democracy, stand with our allies and hunt down and destroy our enemies of freedom.


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