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… Now Ohio has a Role Model to Follow [#Voter ID law]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,July 16th,2016

.. at least , now , Wisconsin has some finality in its Voter I.D. case .

.. the radical left would not give up . They appealed the adverse decision of the 7th Circuit to the U.S. Supreme Court . They were expecting [at the least] that they would get a hearing in front of the Supremes . To get that , that would require the votes of 4 justices . Well , they did not get it …

.. here is the photo of the order dismissing the radical ‘ s cert petition to the Supreme Court ….

Ws Voter ID case (USsc order dismissed)

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog decision in the case ..

.. what it means is that Wisconsin is finally free [at last] to fully implement its long – contentious Voter I.D. law . It was passed several years ago , but has been tied up in court challenges ever since ..

.. many , of not most , of us use photo I.D. all the time in our daily lives . We use them many times a day . So most folks already have not just one form of photo I.D. . Many have several , including either a driver license , a state i.d. , and / or a US Passport . Those that do not can be provided with a free photo i.d. [for voting purposes] , provided that they have the necessary prep documents …


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