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… What Part of UARG v EPA does the EPA not Understand ? [#Clean power plan][#power grab]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,July 14th,2016

.. it seems that the EPA is deaf , blind , and dumb .

.. with this Clean Power Plan , these dummies once again want to make a massive power grab . Normally an agency is supposed to follow the law , whether the law ‘ s interpretation is explicit [direct from the text] or implicit [an reasoned interpretation] . But this ?? ..

.. the EPA is supposed to follow the law . In this case , they are pullin a legal tactic . It is one refered to in the trade as a ” sue and settle ” move , one that is designed to comport with the desires of an interest group . In this case , it is the Natural Resources Defense Council ..

.. [h/t —] to the blog post ..

.. If the EPA were strictly following the law [either explicitly or implicitly] , then a court would likely give them the benefit of the doubt . But this situation is different . A ” sue and settle ” case is a gross abuse of the legal process . It ends up with the agency in question getting its way while ” short – circuiting ” the regulatory process . Doing so is a gross misuse of and abuse of both the law and the Constitution ..

.. given recent events , I do not hold out much hope at the U.S. Appeals Court for the D.C. Circuit . Four loonie leftie judges have been appointed , and it now leans to the left . The US Supreme Court is a different matter ..

.. I would guess that there are 6votes at the US Supreme court to overturn this …


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