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… How Trump Wins Ohio [#GOP]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,July 9th,2016

.. [GOTV] .. no , you don’t suppress the other guy ‘ s vote . What you do do is work your ass off on GOTV . All the way thru the election period ..

.. [early voting] .. yes , Ohio has early voting . It has one of the most liberal early voting regimes in the nation . The federal judges seem to think tht the E.V. is not enough . However , the 6th Circuit and SCOTUS will reign them in ..

.. [early voting] these days , the Dems have done very well t early voting . You have to do better than they do at E.V. in order to beat them . Once you equal or beat them , then the GOP ‘ s superior Election Day efforts will carry the day ..

[a little translation — it is easier to cover Ohio by referring to its counties . In this case , you have Cleveland (Cuyahoga) , Columbus (Franklin) , Cincinnati (Hamilton) , Toledo (lucas) , Dayton (Montgomery) , Youngstown (Mahoning)..

.. [Cuyahoga].. the first big key to carrying Ohio is to not get blown out in Cuyahoga Cty . A Republican will not win Cuyahoga , it just will not happen . But if one works at it in Cleveland ‘ s west side , the Western suburbs , and makes a good faith effort to make inroads in the East Side of the Cty , such as in areas like Euclid and Beachwood , then the losing margin will be smaller [like under 80k) . A blowout , like 150k to 200k would make carrying the state extremely difficult ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. [Hamilton] , [Franklin].. Basically , these two are birds of a similar feather . FrankliN Cty ‘ s collar Cties are lrger , though , but Hamilton Cty ‘s collar Cties are far more GOP friendly

.. [suburban counties — Cuyahoga].. Summit Cty is not exactly GOP friendly , but the other 6 , including Lake , Geauga , and Medina are . One can help mute the Cuya Cty margin with blowouts in these areas ..

.. [Appalachia] — This area runs along the Ohio River , from near Pittburgh , Pa and Wheeling , WV to Chillicothe in the south , along the way towards Cincy . You can bet this area has suffered greatly from His Lordship ‘ s anti – coal and anti – steel campaigns . It also gets interesting because one of its native sons , Ted Strickland , the former Congresscritter and Governor , is running aginst Rob Portman for Portman ‘ s US Senate seat . Strickland is going to have a hard enough time as it is , without having POTUS as a drag on him ..


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