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… How Trump wins Pa [#GOP]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,July 8th,2016

.. [GOTV] bust one ‘ s butt on GOTV all over the state . Pennsylvania does not have early voting like most states . So , GOP can win the day on Election Day by superior turnout effort , the way we always do ..

.. [SW] POTUS ‘ anti – coal and anti – steel campaign have gravely damaged both industries . Those workers , the unions , and the supporting areas are ripe for the taking . The diehards will still vote Dem , but most are ready , willing , and able to vote GOP ..

.. [NE] see [sw] ..

.. [suburban Philly] .. you bring along the rest of the state , and the election will be clinched in the collar counties around Philadelphia . Phil will still deliver a heavy Dem vote , but not by as much as margins as the Dems think ..


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