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… How Trump Wins Michigan [#GOP vote]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,July 7th,2016

.. [Wayne] know that you will get a fair turnout from the city of Detroit . No question about it . Also , Dearborn [heavily Arab] . But suburban Wayne county is more GOP than you might think . Also , the working class Joes and Janes that are still employed are folks that Trump ‘ s trade message will resonate with .

.. the AFL-CIO leadership is highly partisan DemoCrap and is heavily socialist , espc Pres. Richard Trumka . But the union locals themselves will go through the motions , and tune out the national leadership ..

.. [Collar counties]

.. areas around Detroit , espc like Monroe and MacComb and Auburn ctys , aare steadily trending GOP . Good areas for pickup , espc. with strong GOTV efforts ..

.. [Rest of State]

.. other than the university towns , the rest of the state is a GOP bastion . All efforts should be made t pushing the GOTV efferts out here in order to counteract any efforts made in Wayne Cty …


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