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… Utah will not be the Only State [#revival of capital punishment methods]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,June 20th,2016

.. nor will the firing squad be the only method brought back .

.. the electric chair ? maybe , but not likely . too many headaches with people getting ” fried . ” Well , isn’t it the damn idea in the first place ?? …

.. hanging ? quick and simple .

.. the gas chamber ? ditto …

.. the guillotine ? ah , no …

.. with the Europeans getting real queasy about selling drugs that are used in executions here in the U.S. , well , the states with the Death Penalty are going to have to get creative … they are also going to have to go back to the future , er , the past , to do away with the bad guys …

.. and no , the Phantom Zone is not available …


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