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… There can be No Sanctions Deal with Iran [#nuclear deal]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,June 20th,2016

.. there can be no deal of any kind . none …

.. the sanctions that were imposed upon Iran were enacted into law by Congress . A POTUS cannot unilaterally abate or reduce them …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the news report …

.. Congress must act to reduce or eliminate the sanctions . His Lordship cannot unilaterally act on his own , and he knows it …. there is easily political support in the House of Representatives to reimpose or increase sanctions . Virtually all of the GOP caucus would vote in favour , and a significant chunk of the DemoCrap caucus would vote with them . I believe that it would easily attrack 320 to 330 votes , maybe more , which would easily override any Presidential veto …

.. the next question is the Senate . The GOP caucus [45 members] would be virtually unanimous in favour of sanctions . How would the Dems react , that would be the question ? At least half , likely more would vote in favour of the initial legislation . The big question is the veto override …

.. there would be enormous pressure to vote with POTUS to sustain a veto . In this case , I would think that it would not work . The Dems are likely to lose the Senate . They will not get the votes of the losers , and it will limit the impact of Dingy Harry ‘ s influence on the legislation . If the support gets to at least 75 votes [or more] , then sustaining a veto is a joke . it will not be worthwhile …


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