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… the ObamaCraps could not be This Stupid [#the P.A. at the U.N.]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,June 17th,2016

.. the ObamaCraps have hinted at a policy change . You might be surprised at how stupid a policy change that it might be ..

.. given what the ” think ” were PM Bibi ‘ s comments late in his election campaign , the ObamaCraps are pretty ticked off . Even more so than you might realize . Those dummies are thinking of turning a blind eye to certain acts of the P.A. at the U.N. …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog editorial ..

.. normally , final recognition of Palestine as a state is a ” dead letter ” at the U.N. Security Council . The other members [friend or foe] realize that any attempt to do so would attract an automatic U.S. veto . So would a resolution ordering Israel to ” withdraw ” to the pre – 1967 borders . That one would also include the evacuation of eastern Jerusalem. Such an act would be a betrayal of Israel …

.. however , the ObamaCraps are actually thinking of doing this . They actually think that they can do this without consequence . Well , they are wrong . The fiercest consequences would not be in Israel . The Israelis would be pissed off enough .

.. the biggest impact would be here in the U.S. . You would likely see a Congressional move to substantially cut down funding for the U.N. . There might even be a debate over a complete cutoff of funding . A complete cutoff would not pass , but it would scare the hell out of the U.N. and its membership …


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