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… The ObamaCraps should Not Meddle [#Greece]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,June 16th,2016

.. those idiots in the ObamaCrap White House should know better . They have a hard enough time understanding our economy as it is . Now they are trying to meddle elsewhere . Yes , it is bound to get them into trouble …

.. the Europeans and Greece are having a hard enough time settling their own affairs as it is . The Euros keep piling more and more debt on the Greeks , instead of writing it off . The Greeks cannot pay what they have to pay now . one cannot expect them to pay more ..

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.. yet the ObamaCraps are leaning on the Euro institutions and the I.M.F. . They want them to ” take it easy ” on the Greeks . That is hardly a way for the Greeks to pay off a manageable amount of debt , much less their current load . However , it is the Euros business to settle , not ours . It is not the place of the ObamaCrap White House and His Lordship to stick their noses in wheat is not their affair …

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