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… Miz Hillary was Incredibly Irresponsible [#personal e – mail account][#personal e – mail server]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,June 11th,2016

.. you had better believe it ! ..

.. yes , she was that irresponsible .

.. there is good reason for using a government e – mail account . One of the chief reasons is security . If security is needed , then the system and the account can be made secure . The other is accountability . A public official needs to be accountable for their actions . It is whether it is legally accountable or not ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog column ..

.. Judge Andrew Napolitano puts is pretty well ..

Federal statutes provide for three categories of classified information. “Top Secret” is data that, if revealed, could likely cause grave damage to national security. “Secret” is data that, if revealed, could likely cause serious damage to national security. “Confidential” is data that, if revealed, could likely cause some damage to national security. Her own daily calendars, which she regularly emailed about, are considered confidential.

Clinton has repeatedly denied ever sending or receiving data in any of these categories. She probably will argue that an e-mail that fails to use the terminology of the statute cannot be deemed classified. Here the inspectors general have corrected her. It is the essence of the data in an email — its potential for harm if revealed — that makes its contents classified and the failure to protect it a crime — not the use of a magic word or phrase in the subject line.

She is no doubt lying again, just as she did to the Senate Armed Services Committee. Yet the question remains:

Why did she use her husband’s foundation’s computer server instead of a government server, as the law requires? She did that so she could obscure what the server recorded and thus be made to appear different according to history from how she was in reality.


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