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… You Would Figure [#a public official]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,June 6th,2016

.. when there is a crisis , there is a need for a news conference ..

.. right now , Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings – Blake is not acting like a leader . She should be stand up for the needs of her city . Right now , she is acting like a wuss and a coward . A leader does not hid from the public at the time of a crisis ..

.. right now , she is . She is hiding from the public . She is acitng by press release , or through the actions of others . Worse , she is acting through the megaphone of a charlatan like the so – called ” Reverend , ” Al Sharpton . Old Al is wrapping his Slovene arms around her in order to protect her from public  reaction ..

.. [h/t — theBlaze .com]…

.. [link] to the press battle video clip ..

.. FoxNews ‘ Leland Vittert is trying to question Mayor Blake . Sharpton ‘ s goons are stepping in to block him and rough him up . How sick !! ..


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