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… Miz Hillary will have to Testify [#FOIA lawsuit][#email battle][#Judicial Watch]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,June 4th,2016

. no , she is not going to have a choice . She is going to have to testify , whether she likes it or not ..

.. the deposition in this case is likely to come before her ” interview ” with the F.B.I. . She is going to love that . That material from this deposition [SInce it is email server – Related] will give the BurEAU ” bulletin board ” material to use in their interview of her . Her lawyers will thoroughly hate that idea ..

.. Her lawyers would rather she ” take the Fifth . ”  If she were anyone else , she could do that . But she is not anyone else . She is “Miz Hillary ” , and she is in a political conundrum . Testify , or not ?? ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [LINK] to the blog post news …

.. Legally , she shouldn’t . Testifying in the F.O.I.A. lawsuit would leave her incredibly vulnerable to the ” perjury ” trap in an F.B.I. . interview . But , politically , she has no choice . She has to testify . If she pleads the Firth in aany action , essentially , her political campaign and career , are both over …


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